Sunday, December 02, 2007


Winter Morning
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Been cold here in Boston this weekend. This piece seems appropriate, right type of houses (in certain neighborhoods) with the chill air breezing through. Winter is extra rough here since we do a lot more walking than in much of the rest of the US. Even if you drive places and that is something to be avoided in many cases you often can't park all the close and need to walk. The best ways to get around Boston are bike, foot, T then car. But I am too chicken to bike here much.

sleeping in her pouch

daddy has her

Pouch for mommy and one for daddy. I am completely hooked on baby wearing and find myself lurking around the internet looking at others and coveting. There is this one seller on Etsy that makes some gorgeous ones. Right now I really wish I knew how to sew because I have some fabric that would work really well. While I adore these fleece pouches for winter I just find myself wanting more. They are incredibly addictive.

Blee turns three months old in just over an hour (7:14pm)! Wow! Today we took her to the Cambridge location church and she met other friends and other babies. Tiny babies for her to devour since she is monster baby that eats small babies for snacks. Speaking of monster baby I am fearing she may be heading into another growth spurt. She's been eating tons lately. She is so much bigger it is crazy, I see little ones walking that have smaller heads and aren't that much larger than her. Of course my cousin was a big kid but she just ended up tall not overweight. I am hardly considered about baby fat, obesity on babies is extra cute!


Cathy said...

blee looks all snugly and warm :) i was afraid to use a sling with my two - being a bit of a klutz, i had visions of me tripping and squashing them!

m.Lee said...

You would be surprised how it de-klutzes you. I mean I managed to not trip and fall on my belly when I was pregnant despite tripping a number of times. You learn to not only be more careful but get better at catching yourself. If they weren't secure I would not use them. But I certainly wouldn't cook or do artwork with her in it. Mostly going for walks and very light housework with minimal bending while supporting her.

Cathy said...

oh, i hope you didn't think i meant you weren't being careful - i'm sure you are :) I probably should have given it a go - would have been so much except when they were both screaming to be held (they are only 15 months apart)

tadanoekaki said...

When my last two kids were tiny
(They're now 18 and 23)
I found the OMBUHIMO
especially useful. Wearing baby as a backpack
is best when it is naptime, but keeps baby pretty satisfied
in any case. I found it was possible to carve, print and draw
(In this case all non-toxic processes) while "wearing" the child,
as both hands and "working space" are free.
It was also easier to concentrate because of the continuous
subconscious monitoring of body contact,
there was no worrying about if the child sleeping
in the next room is okay.
.Also in cold northern Japan it keeps both of you warm.
The ombuhimo is very adjustable, and useful for even
toddlers who no longer "need" to be carried.

Anonymous said...

I like that print of the houses, very beautiful. I lived in Acton for 15 months and I remeber those storms. Take care!


m.Lee said...

I will be able to wear her on my back using the moby wrap when she is older.