Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Knowing When to Stop

That I need a break. I won't be posting on this blog this week. I will only upload things to Flickr or list on Etsy if I am really feeling like it. But right now I need to get away from these things for awhile as I am not doing too well. It is horribly cold and icy outside. Like this image but not s pretty. I'm feeling very down combined with blee having a major growth spurt that is just killing us. She is back to waking up every hour to two hours hungry and suddenly that milk I had backed up in the freezer is getting drained. But sometimes she wakes up screaming only to eat a tiny bit and then fall asleep. And she will not sleep in her crib.


Now is not the time for me to be worrying about blogs and Etsy but to rest and take care of myself. My beautiful washi paper arrived the other day and I have been playing with that but am trying not to pressure myself to get new work out so quickly.

She's screaming again. Have a great week.


stilettoheights said...

take whatever time you need to marissa....convo me if you need to chart about all things non etsy related.


love you

Cathy said...

you definitely need to take care of can't look after blee properly or your business properly, if you aren't looking after yourself. Rest and rest well...all this will still be here when you get back to it :) best of luck (from someone who knows how hard it is to actually rest)