Friday, August 31, 2007

His Final Days as the Baby

Love Bug
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I actually had to put something in the bouncy seat for the baby just to keep this little guy from crawling into it. Cute as it is seeing him in it he needs to be kept out of the babies things because soon he will not be the baby anymore. I got him in June of 2000 and he has been with me through a lot and boy is he one moody little guy! But I love him and I hope he handles the adjustment well. Especially since now he is the only cat we have left. Burrito would have been fine with the baby, she was always rather indifferent to changes as long as she had the back of a sofa to sit on she was happy.

I'm ready to have my body back. I know that the labor will probably break my body even worse, but at least then I can start the healing process. Right now I just feel stuck. The idea that I could actually print yesterday was such a pipe dream! It wasn't hot like it is today so I started tidying my studio so I could either print or carve. My press had some junk on it that had to go and so did my desk. After about fifteen minutes of this I was completely exhausted, my hips and back were killing me and my joints hurt. Even sitting wasn't good enough, I needed to lie down. It is very frustrating to say the least. And i feel so guilty for being such a slacker.

Today is my last appointment with the midwife. I'll get checked out to see if I am any further along but I doubt it. Since my midwife Lara wasn't on the schedule I probably won't see her again until after I have had the baby. But the other midwife I have taken a real shining too will be inducing me on Monday so all is not lost.

Today is Jon's last day at work before he takes leave for the baby! At the latest even with a difficult labor we should have her by Tuesday! I get chills thinking about it! We will use these last two days to go over the house for any final preparations and then on Sunday we go in to get things started. I could go into labor then but most likely I will go home to sleep then come back in on Monday for an inducement.

I hope everybody has a great weekend! I will keep things updated as much as possible! Expect baby pictures soon!

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Bea said...

Ello! You are so not a slacker... I'm nearly 22 weeks and I chickened out half way through whisking a body butter last night and got my husband to finish it!!

You're going to be so enchanted with her, I can tell!

Get plenty of Zzz's before Monday (if you can get at all comfy that is, urgh) you'll need em!

Best of luck! I'll be thinking of you when I get to see mine on the screen on Tues (agaaain)

fernfiddlehead said...

Enjoy the weekend, mLee. You deserve it. Pretty soon you'll be showing us a picture with that babe in your arms.

Cute cat, by the way. We're getting a kitten in September (waiting for the litter to be old enough). Already have a dog -- can't wait to see how that goes. I grew up with dogs and cats and it seems that the cat always rules.

stilettoheights said...

you are no slacker....(says me, who is still in my pj's and it's almost noon).

Take care of yourself, wait....make john take care of you.

good luck


Felicia said...

How exciting! Best of luck to you :)

papernclay said...

This is such an exciting time! I love babies, I'll be thinking good thoughts for you!! Bet you can't wait!!! I'm not one of those people who cry a lot but tears came to my eyes when I held my babies for the first time, it's so special!!

m.Lee said...

Thank you all.

And not feeling functional is still driving me completely batty! So much to do but so broken physically.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marissa,
I have more annoying advice--I can't help myself! My midwife had me walk a mile a day during the last few weeks and boy did I not feel like it but I did it. I measured it out so I wouldn't do one step further!! I grumbled and muttered but I could feel the pounding of my feet on the pavement helping the baby drop. My first baby never dropped and I ended up with a cesarean. So I think the walking helped with the fast delivery.

I also think personality of the little person-to-be plays a part. Nate was born two weeks early, walked early and he's been in a hurry ever since. My daughter was two weeks late and walked late and just generally takes her time.

At one point my daughter who was 9 when I was pregnant with my son took the stethoscope and broadcast a message to her brother in utero. She said for him to remember she was the boss and she got a good strong kick in reply!

Wishing you all good things for the times to come!
Lynn from baren

m.Lee said...

Thanks Lynn! The baby is actually completely dropped which is great but makes walking even more painful since her noggin puts so much pressure on my pelvis. I think I would cry if I walked a mile in the heat today. They are going to have me walk at the hospital in between gel treatments.

My body just doesn't seem to want to let go of her!