Thursday, August 30, 2007

Eviction Papers Served

Sleepytime Tea (with chine colle)
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Good late morning to all.

As I sit here drinking my morning tea I want to give a bit of a shoutout to the wonderful TeaNoir from Etsy who sent me some lovely tea along with a handmade stuffed platypus for blee the other day. I ordered from her a number of months ago and she remembered what my favorite tea and gifted me with some. Have I ever said how Etsy is filled with many wonderfully kind people? Well, it is! Thank you doll! Her "Juicy" tea is a lychee flavored tea and it makes the best iced tea.

I'm feeling a bit better emotionally ever since I called the midwives yesterday to talk about getting induced. Let's just say that I didn't have to fake breaking down over the phone, all the frustrations came out with Judy. She is one of my favorites and she talked me out of inducing right away and giving blee a few more days to come out on her own. But since she is working on Monday and that is the day before I am 42 weeks anyhow we did schedule an induction for then. So eviction papers have been served. It is such a relief to not only have this date but to know that even worst case I get to be induced with somebody that I know, trust and feel very comfortable with. I see my normal midwife Lara tomorrow for a standard visit. If I go into labor prior to Monday I really hope she is working!

On Tuesday my good friend Chuck came for a visit from NYC and I was able to meet up with him, Mary and some other people for dinner before they all went to Karaoke at the Milky Way. I was certainly not up for that part but dinner was great. I got to handle and play with an iPhone for the first time and that was a lot of fun. I was pretty down on them before despite my love of iPods because of the price but now I get it. I still think they are too rich for my blood, but I admit that they are damn sexy little machines that I will covet from afar.

The last of my pine cone pieces sold yesterday and this is bittersweet. I am both happy and sad about it. That they are popular is great but now they are gone and I don't know if I can print in this state, but I would really like to have some for the Open Studios at the end of September. Since it isn't too hot today I may try to do some printing. Am I totally insane? I miss it so but it is murder on my hips and the rest of my poor broken body.


stilettoheights said...

I am glad there is an end in sight to the seemingly never-ending pregnancy....

blee just loves you that much that she does not want to leave.

also....I am jealous of your iphone time....they do seem like sexy little monsters, don't they??

KiWi said...

Hang in there. the 'doubtful guest' is scheduled to arrive. I went 3 days late with my daughter and I thought that was torturous.
This time next week, you'll be rocking her to sleep.

Gazed- Upon Glass said...

Rest as much as you can! With everyone visiting after she arrives it gets very tiring.

The Aesthetic Elevator said...

Just noticed you have Karen Kunc in your links. She taught at the University of Nebraska when I was a student there. Suppose she still does, but not sure. Didn't have her for the one printmaking class I had; had a grad student instead. Was still a good class.