Saturday, September 01, 2007

One Final Goal

Packages to Mail
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Little (or not so little) blee has officially made it into September without being born and I am pretty certain that I am going to have to be induced on Monday. I'm just not feeling it happening before then. The process starts Sunday and lasts all day and most of the night but the induction itself starts on Monday.

I'm behind on mailing orders. Even though every person that has ordered from me recently has given me permission and even sometimes encouraged me to take my sweet time I just can't do it! This is unfortunately an old photograph and not the current orders that need to be shipped. But my one goal for the day is to get these items packed and shipped by evening. Even if it means doing it in stages and resting in between. Buyers have been beyond wonderful in giving me time but I just think it would be so much better for everybody if I could get these out before I get induced and today is the final day. That way I don't have them hanging out in the back of my mind when I have my baby to care for.

Adjust that. I wrote that last paragraph last night before bed when I wasn't feeling great but I wasn't feeling awful either. This morning I woke up with a horrible leg cramp along with my entire body being in pain. The best thing to do for leg cramps is to get up right away and stand and walk it off if needed. Except there is no such thing as me getting up quickly, especially first thing in the morning. After tossing and turning screaming in agony Jon woke up and hoisted me up and I forced myself to walk. I'm still hurting. My goal from last night is still my goal, but I have to consider my health. I hate this so much. There is also the little extra of getting light headed and having difficulty breathing randomly throughout the day. And if I go into labor then all goals are off other than getting this baby out!

Maybe I can get Jon to do the packing for me while I give orders from the comfort of my glider chair?

A week ago we were spending our final day with our beloved cat Burrito and preparing to say goodbye and now we are in the final preparations for this new life. It is an odd mix of expectation, sadness and still some disbelief about both the cat being gone and that we are actually about to become parents. What a week it has been. What an August!


Anonymous said...

I know that right now it is hard on you. I can only relate partially. It will go away as soon as you have that beautiful little baby in your arms. :) I can't wait for you! *HUGS*

Anonymous said...

hi sweetie - a nurse just told me to tell you to try castor oil and intercourse (the semen softens the cervex). she did that with her baby and had it within 24 hrs. :) i'm in iowa visiting my mom and dad and just had to stop by and see how you are. my online time is limited so i didn't read your whole post but will try to tomorrow. take care. i'm thinking about you.

stilettoheights said...

what an August indeed....

well it's late in the day on sunday and wanted you to know I am thinking about you and your soon to be bigger family.