Sunday, September 09, 2007

Good Morning - Happy Birthday!

Good Morning
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A week ago I was at the hospital getting a pre-induction treatment. I had no idea that by 7:14 I would be holding our beautiful baby girl.

All three of us couldn't be doing better. This little flower Jon picked for me this morning while walking the dog. The little pot was a gift for blee when she is older for her own flower picking from jdwolfepottery. Etsy user kindness strikes again!

Square Magnets

Darkness Falls

Poppies in the Sun - ACEO/ ATC

While I haven't made any new work this week I did start listing new products that I was too tired, sore and depressed to bother with pre-pregnancy. My shop is now officially reopened. making it clear that it may take up to a week for shipping, especially internationally

Today some friends are stopping by to see the baby (and us I presume) but other than that we have no plans. So far it looks like it may not be as hot as it was yesterday so I would like to take her out on a stroll, maybe with the dog so she feels included. Our little bug was fed with the milk drug not too long ago so she should be out for awhile. After I finish up my breakfast and coffee and shower I am going to clean up my studio so I can either carve or print today or tomorrow.

Happy Sunday everybody! And happy birthday to Alexandra/ Alex/ blee/ bug at 7:14pm tonight!

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Kate said...

Congratulations! blee is beautiful!

Katie said...

Happy birthday bLee!

m.Lee said...

Thank you!

She was a bit riled up today unlike normal and we are both pretty tuckered out from dealing with her.