Monday, September 10, 2007

This Week Will Have Art!

Ginkgo Leaves at Dusk
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Overall it was a pretty good weekend. Very hot though, I hope people in the rest of the country didn't have the heat wave that hit us hard last week. Yesterday was a bit better, but that was the day that our little angel decided to show her horns. She wasn't that bad, but compared to her normal behavior she was a demon baby that just couldn't be pleased.


Druggled Blee

We had company over multiple times and of course she was perfectly behaved for them. Even when they stayed for hours she was good the whole time. Visits are great but quite exhausting. I'm pretty happy because my friend and his mother who was visiting from Maine gave blee some of her first books. We've gotten so many great gifts but since so many are handmade not too many books. She had assumed that we would have gotten so many that she steered away from the obvious choices like Goodnight Moon and The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Now some art talk! I did not get to do anything other than some very light studio cleaning. While my studio is far from being super messy it could use a little work if I am going to carve and even more if I am going to print. I should probably carve since it is easy for me to stop and get up from that activity if baby calls. And while Jon is home today and basically for the rest of the month he has some work to do today. I put a sketchbook and some pens on my nightstand and have promised myself that if I don't do any art in the studio during the day then I will at the very least fill a page of my sketchbook. It seems like a good way to wind down as well as keep my creativity going.

But I have been listing pieces like this one from July fairly regularly in my Etsy Shop. I also have quite a few ACEOs that I need to scan and list.

Now that the little bug is down for what could be a long nap I think I will try to do the same. I did not get enough sleep last night.


fernfiddlehead said...

It's so hard to NOT focus on baby talk right after you've had a baby. I understand. Sorry to hear that she showed her horns a bit. My mothering mantra (that I STILL say) is "it's just a phase, it's just a phase, it's just a phase." They outgrow everything eventually. She looks bigger!! She must be eating well.

m.Lee said...

On one hand it was great that she was like her normal little angel self when we had company. But on the other hand it was a little frustrating seeing her transform soon after they left.

But so far so good today. I even got an hour nap in. She's still asleep but it is time for me to get up and do stuff.

I think I decided on carving instead of printing for a number of reasons.

The Aesthetic Elevator said...

The colors in the Gingko print are glorious!

Anonymous said...

Awww she is adorable! I missed it! HOW could I miss it!:( Her little toes are sooo cute! LOLOLOL Awwwwwww! Now I feel bad... If I wanted to make something for ya...where would I send it?

m.Lee said...

Her toes are possibly my favorite part of her. I want to bite them. :P

Anonymous said...


She is a precious little baby!