Friday, September 07, 2007

The Rejected One

Maeby in her winter coat
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First, let me thank everybody for all the supportive comments these past days and months! I wish I could respond to each one, but I just can't. But I want everybody to know that we have both appreciated it very much. Also, if you want more of a blee fix her photoset has been updated and will continue to be.

We've been getting this look a lot from our dog Maeby ever since we brought home our baby girl on Tuesday night. And when Jon spent some time at home while I was in the hospital she was very concerned. This adjustment is very hard on her and we are trying our best to make sure that she knows that we still love her. The thing about her, and greyhounds in general (though based on talking to other owners she is extreme about it) is that they are very attached to their humans. Very emotionally needy. When the two of us go out she gets locked in the living room to prevent the total destruction of the house. The living room is at the front of the building and nine times out of ten she catches us coming and lets out this whine/ moan that can be heard down the street quite a ways. Now that is love! It took us awhile to get used to it and not rush out freaking out that she had hurt herself. She never is hurt just overwhelmed that we are back.

But she will be fine. She is the gentlest and most tolerant creature I have ever met. She doesn't even bark. The only concern we had was a small one with Laguna the punk who is territorial and moody. He's a sweet boy most of the time but I knew that we would need to keep an eye on him. Thankfully he is quite terrified of the baby so we can relax a bit about him while still being cautious. My aunt told me about how when I was a baby staying with my grandparents they found me sleeping in the crib with the two poodles curled up next to me. Cute, but very terrifying at the same time!

Block WIP maybe 50% complete

Everything is going so well I think there is a chance that I could be able to do some artwork next week. Maybe work on that block that I had to stop midway through during the end of the pregnancy. Maybe even print a bit. Who knows? I'm healing very well, getting a decent amount of sleep and Alexandra is a good baby overall. We've had difficult nights but nothing more than we can handle and they are getting better not worse.

I even took my Etsy shop out of total dormant mode and am encouraging sales a bit with a warning that it could take up to a week to ship items.

Bummer, the screen of my phone got busted at the hospital and the phone I want to replace it I need to order online it seems. My phone still works but I can't do a lot with it except make calls where I know the # or receive calls. It is pretty low functioning for a cell phone! I can't even check my voicemail.


gilfling said...

Marissa - congratulations to you all! She is a beautiful baby and I am so glad you are all doing so wonderfully.

My momma was baking cakes one day and had left me (only a few months old) in on the rug in the living room sleeping - I started crying and she came through to find our dog had taken one of his rubber toys out of his basket and given it to me to pacify me - I was happily chewing away on it

jodie nicholson said...

Wow! It seems to be going so well for you. I'm sure your puppy will come around in no time and realise that you're all one big happy family :)

fernfiddlehead said...

Sad, sweet puppy face. The poor thing. I'm sure he'l adjust soon. Your thumb-sucking genious of a baby is SO CUTE. I just love babies. I'm happy to hear that you are getting organized. That's great.

The Rocking Pony said...

Congrats - I'm so glad things are going well for you. Hopefully you'll be back to your old routine in no time, with blee in tow. :)

stilettoheights said...

aw your poor other "baby" he must be so parents told me stories of our dog whimpering for almost 2 weeks after they brought me home, but soon the dog became fine and very protective of me and my mom, if a stranger got near my crib the little dog would go crazy.

m.Lee said...

Jon's parents had a dog that would rock his crib when he was little. But when he was old enough to be eating food they had to be careful or the dog would steal it from him.

Marysusan Noll said...

My best pals had a baby just two weeks before you, and they have two dogs, George and Lily. Lily thinks is very protective of the baby, and when he cries she will wake the entire family up until he is taken care of and she sleeps beside his crib. She sometimes will nuzzle mom in the face moments BEFORE the baby starts to cry, because she senses the changes in the baby's sleeping. Your pooch will come around and find his new niche.