Friday, August 17, 2007

Stressful Day

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I didn't want to use another baby related picture so I figured I may as well use this piece for this entry since it is one of my more recently listed items. I haven't been listing right now. Being on pause mode and all.

Yesterday pretty much stunk. And now I am up with some minor acid problems but should be able to go back to bed shortly. Not great fun, but I have had worse.

Yesterday after being super stressed out about Jon and his neck problems I crashed and took a nap. I woke up feeling awful with a headache and realized that I hadn't felt the baby kicking since the morning. I did what I am supposed to do and lay on my side and tried counting kicks. I am supposed to get at least six in an hour. A half hour passed and I got nothing. I started freaking out. Jon wanted to put on a DVD while I continued but I was too hysterical by that point. She is normally such an active girl I had these graphic images of a dead baby inside of me stuck in my head. We called the midwife on call and she told me to come into the hospital. This was around five PM.

Jon would randomly scream and cuss while driving because the pain in his neck was so bad. My stress level kept rising. We got there and checked in and as soon as we were sitting in the waiting area I started feeling kicks. Figures! But I still wanted to get checked out. I did have a headache that wouldn't go away.They took me in and put me and the baby on the monitor and her heartbeat sounded just as fantastic as always. And her movements were getting stronger and stronger. At times I could have sworn I was having contractions, but according to the machine I was not. Well I was hooked up to it so long I had to be taken off so I could pee! Then got hooked up again while we waited for the midwife. Once she came she took my blood pressure again and it is continuing to drop and sent me home.

I see my midwife today around 10am. Last week she was talking about inducing me if I hadn't had the baby by now, but then my blood pressure was at it's highest. Now it is at it's lowest so I don't know. It still isn't low but it does seem to be out of the danger level.

I just wish she would come! And I wish Jon would be well enough that I could have his support and not have to worry about his pain and just focus on having this baby. I need him!

I swear that I will be able to talk about things other than the baby once all of this passes. But right now it is pretty much everything I can think about.

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fernfiddlehead said...

You just go ahead and talk away.

Here's to a bette day than the one you had yesterday....


stilettoheights said...

how scary, you did the right thing by going to the hospital.....

now I am beginning to think that the little blee might end up being born on my birthday....

Morrgan said...

Eeeek, what a scare! Good to hear that everything was ok. I hope today will be better.

LadyK said...

Just letting you know, I've been thinking about you and BLee.
Sending you good thoughts and prayers for an easy (and soon) delivery.

chatnoir said...

Just stopped by to see how you're doing. I hope you're felling better now.

Becca said...

I stand by what I said before, don't apologize for talking about blee. This is a hugely important moment in your life. Updates are important, and interesting, to me.

I'm prayin' she comes soon, on her own. And that hubby's neck gets better.