Saturday, August 18, 2007


Aug 18th
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Doing well overall except I am very tired and have a sinus headache. Did you know that it is common to get stuffed up at the end of pregnancy? I didn't know this but apparently it is totally common. Feels like allergies I am told and it isn't much fun. Especially since headaches that don't go away are one of the warning signs of pre-eclampsia. So I have to tell the difference between a dangerous headache and a sinus headache.

But my blood pressure has dropped so much and I have zero swelling things are good. My due date is on Tuesday the 21st! How crazy is that? I will be getting an exam then and if I haven't had the baby yet she will probably schedule me for an induction that Friday.

I'd much rather have her come naturally and I would really like that day to be today so she can share the 18th with both of her parents. But it isn't looking likely.

Jon and I went and saw Superbad with friends last night and while I laughed very hard, I did not laugh hard enough to shake her loose. What a disappointment I feel the movie totally failed me.

I called up my father today and talked to him a bit. Turns out the birthday gift I sent my sister ages ago hasn't arrived yet. I hope when it does arrive, and based on my massive experience with the Post Office 99.9% it always does arrive, somebody will let me know! I got to talk to my sister who is now eight for a bit but after awhile my headache really started getting to me and I had to get off the phone. Getting off the phone with a chatty eight year old is never easy. She's going to be a great auntie! I really hope they make it to Boston to see the baby in November as planned.

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Anonymous said...

No I did not know that it's common to get stuffed up at the end of pregnancy. Then again I don't know that much about being pregnant. I do know that sinus problems are the worst!
I hope that your sister's birthday gift get's to her! LOL A great Auntie...I bet she's excited! I hope that they get there too! That is an important event that I'm sure they would not like to miss out on. :)

Cathy said...

My birthday's on Tuesday the 21st - so I'll be looking for some other happy birth-day news that day!! Your sister will be over the moon when this baby cute :)

m.Lee said...

Lots of August babies read my blog and in my life!

stilettoheights said...

ok today is the 20th, my birthday.

Go into labor Marissa!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Marissa, I get sinus headaches and have found a wonderful non-invasive cure--get an ice pack (I like the blue ice packs made by ace at the drugstore) and press it against your face. If it's a sinus headache, you will instantly feel better. Sometimes it returns but not as bad but your sinuses will drain and after sleeping usually the episode goes away.