Monday, August 20, 2007

No Baby

After contractions that came and went. And then came and went again. Nothing.

And I don't really feel like writing about it or about anything right now. Just letting people know because I know people tend to assume silence means I am having the baby.

truck picture deleted


Ninja Fetus said...

Wowie! I hope that baby comes out soon, for your sake!

Coooome out bLee!

Cathy said...

u poor thing...keep on hanging in there - guess there's not much else you can do...

well it's my birthday in about 12 minutes time (Australian) - let's hope it's bLee's birthday too :)

vanna said...

thanks for the update, even if there's no love =) hang in there, things will be happening before you know it!!

ebbandflo said...

it's coming soon! hugs

Ben Can Dance said...

Rest!! Rest!! Rest!!

And breathe.

Best of luck with everything!

stilettoheights said...

Marissa...I know, I am one of those people that assumes silence means baby, no matter how many times you say it doesn't.

come on blee!!!!

m.Lee said...

Yesterday Jon's pants accidentally called some friends of ours and we got frantic messages from them asking if I was having the baby. Except he was out and left his phone and I can't work his phone. I can't unlock it.

How does a locked phone call people anyhow?

I hate that phone!

Debi! said...

Nature! Hang in there, hon! Love, Debi!

Christine said...

Thinking of you, hope baby comes soon!