Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A week is a long time

Stop Working!
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Heck just a day or two seems like forever at this point. Today is my due date and I am not feeling hopeful about it. I don't know what is happening with this birth anymore. I'm going in to see my midwives twice a week now ever since my blood pressure went up a couple of weeks ago. I see my midwife every Friday and a different one on Tuesdays. And the other midwives do not seem to agree with my midwife's desire to induce me by the end of this week. While I wasn't exactly looking forward to getting induced I wish I knew what was happening.

I am horribly uncomfortable but my pressure is still down and all my tests are good and normal so the midwife I saw today just didn't feel comfortable scheduling an induction for me like I was told she would do. She seemed perfectly happy letting me go a week or more past my due date.

Last week I was feeling quite good physically and mentally and at a bit of a high point in the pregnancy. Despite my size I was pretty comfortable and actually was able to get some carving done on this block and make decent progress. I don't think that is possible anymore and it makes me sad and frustrated. This baby is growing and my body is hurting from it as it struggles to accommodate her size. I feel body parts pressing up at uncomfortable angles and points on my body and my movement and bending is very limited. Even getting out of bed and chairs is quite a painful chore at this time. My belly feels tight as a drum and very sore pretty much all the time and once again I am having difficulty sleeping. Even getting a good breath of air is difficult and painful. Women may have been going through this for thousands of years but that isn't making it any easier. It just makes the existence of the human race all the more amazing to me.

Sometimes I have contractions at night, they even get to be fairly regular, but they end up fading and eventually going away. I want her out Are babies ever on time?


Krazy Kate Designs said...

Wishing you well on the delivery of your precious child and feeling for you as you go through the parts that aren't so fun in pregnancy! The babies are always worth it!

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