Thursday, August 16, 2007

Poster Winner!

budanART Poster Winner!
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This beautiful entry for the Etsy Poster Contest was one of the winners and I am lucky enough to be on it! This poster along with others will be given out at fairs and other events to promote Etsy. My piece is the eye in the second column of the bottom row. I knew being included in a entry from this person gave me a good shot since her treasuries always rock! I'm in another great one too, but this is my favorite. I covet the piece below the weiner dog.

No more wishing for the baby to arrive today please. In fact, if you could send any baby delivery wishes to
Michelle aka cicadastudio instead of me it would be greatly appreciated. She's the one that is really ready to have her baby! Jon woke up with a pinched nerve in his neck and suddenly I am by far the mobile one in the household. I didn't say active because that honor goes to the partying blee in my belly! She just never seems to let up!

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Cathy said...

i didn't know cicada (a fellow etsy greetings memebr) was pregant!! off to visit her now...and yes i hope bLee doesn't arrive quite yet :)

annalaura said...

Well done on being on an Etsy poster, they are so beautiful to look at!

m.Lee said...

I fixed the link

fernfiddlehead said...

Hey mLee -- pinched nerve for the old man, eh? I hope he heals soon. Hey -- I'm out of town for over a week starting tomorrow evening. Good luck with everything and will "check" on you when I return.

gilfling said...

oh congrats on being featured in a winning poster - there are so many incredible poster lists there I am finding it hard not spending all day just browsing through them! Hope the party in your belly is not disturbing any rest you might get too much!

m.Lee said...

I can't really lie in bed with him without disturbing his neck and hurting him. I can relax in my chair but it isn't the same since I can't be on my side.

And I am much too stressed out by him being like this to relax.

Cicada Studio said...

Thanks for thinking of me mLee! This poster is goregeous- no wonder since you're part of it!