Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I've been Featured!

On the Modish Trendwatch Africa blog entry! This is my second trendwatch feature in a row from them. Last month it was the Russian Doll Trendwatch. My work is covering the globe!

Thanks Modish! I love your blog and the feature is a huge honor. I've always had a soft spot for this piece and this series as a whole.

I've been kinda taking it easy today chilling out and feeling kinda almost euphoric in a chill kind of way. With people constantly asking about the baby and threads like this being started on Etsy every day or so how can I not feel good and loved? It is so cute! One person actually joked around and said something to the effect of; "you think you are anxious, how do you think we feel?". Classic. I've had so much support and she is going to be so loved not just by her family but by her extended family.

PS. Etsy might be running a tad slow right now since Showcase spots are on sale and everybody (except me) is rushing to go buy them. I expect it will clear up in about a half hour or so.

I really should be carving but I haven't been. Maybe I will go do that now.

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liz aka hobbledehoy said...

Congrats on getting featured! That's a beautiful piece.

Rachel said...


Have you tried inducing labor by using a breast pump to lactate?
The anticipation is getting unbearable. ;)

Jessica Torrant said...

Yes, that piece is gorgeous! Congratulations and by the way you are right - there are more people than you know that are sending their good vibes to you and blee. myself included :)

Christina said... do you think *we* feel, eh? I want to see that cute baby already! ;)

Urbanknit said...

hey cool, just saw that i was on the same feature, won't have seen it otherwise, thanks!