Friday, July 20, 2007

Apparently I am Trendy!

Two Russian Dolls
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Squeee! My Russian Nesting Dolls were featured on Modish yesterday! This is my second time on them and the first in a number of months and it is always a thrill and an honor since it is such a nice blog that features such awesome indie items! Apparently I am part of a new trend with these spontaneously created Russian dolls! I did them on a total whim when I was pulling myself out of a productive and create drought and started doodling and I came up with these simple forms rather quickly. I wanted something simple, graphic and fun and I knew just from the doodles that it was time to start. Unfortunately I decided that since I was doing an image that was a bit different I would use wood that was too. Some of the hard solid woods that were given to me many months ago. This was carved in cherry wood, a gorgeous wood that is so much harder than shina! It was a hot day and I was not feeling the push of energy that I am feeling now so this simple carving took four times as long as it would have on shina and once it was done I was sweating and exhausted. People used to hardwoods like this complain about getting detail with a wood as soft as shina but I am so used to it that I am very good at bending it to my will. I had a very hard time bending this wood to my will! But I have this piece to show for it and am not featured on a blog. Hopefully there will be more Russian doll pieces except I have to change the elevation of my press to print it since it is twice as thick as shina and that is a hassle that makes me less likely to use it.

Yesterday was pretty cool. First the UPS fairy came with the Pack n Play and after some struggling and getting some help from some Etsy gals I managed to get it set up except for the bassinet part which has me a bit puzzled. But I am loving how it looks in that corner. Sharing such a bright and creatively inviting space with a young one makes me happy. Especially since she is my young one!

Following that shortly the UPS fairy came with my Dick Blick order. I now have some cool papers. A nifty large archival flat box for storing paper including the super cool paper I ordered. Some methyl cellulose for finally giving hanga a go and a small portfolio that matches my large one to help me not lose stuff ever again! That portfolio was my original reason for ordering but I just kept going!

Exhaustion and soreness soon followed but I was too emotionally up to sleep so I did some cleaning and opened up a profile on this promising looking site I found though a friend. I am fairly impressed with the design and overall ease of use so far.

This feature on Modish has me considering getting a holiday ad spot on the site. It isn't cheap but for Modish it could be worth it. The big question for me is if it does work will I be able to keep up? I don't know what blee is going to do to my life. Jon wants me to keep doing what I have been doing as much as I can since it is going so well and plans on helping out. But Christmas was crazy last year and this year it could easily be bigger especially if I buy a two month ad and feature. Where is my minion? Blee is gonna be way too small to be a minion for a long time and the animals are useless.

After just nearly having a heart attack searching for a sold piece (yes, the one that I just uncovered after a year of being tucked in a piece of discarded cardboard) and nearly having a freakout heart attack before finding it I realize that I have three things to focus on today and for the weekend. First, I must be a sticker making fiend. Second packing and shipping orders (including said stickers) and last but not least my artwork needs to be just as organized, nay more organized, than my studio. I have my pieces scattered about in too many random places and pieces get stuck together and I can do better. I have a plan!

Hope everybody has a great Friday and a great weekend. Saturday we spend all day at a baby birth class! Time to be terrified by learning exactly what is going to happen to me in a month.


stilettoheights said...

have a wonderful weekend Marissa!!!!

I am a little worried about the Christmas season too....we will need elves I think to come and help us!!! It will be crazy.

I am so happy that things are going so well for you!

m.Lee said...

Thanks Jenn! Same for you!

Last year I had an elf and while he was great to have he messed up. Bad elf! I was out of town during a busy sales week visiting family and Jon took care of my orders. Can't tell you how many panicked calls I got while I was at the pool because he didn't know what to do whenever a buyer asked a question. One of the orders he sent to the Paypal address and not the address they gave Etsy. I always check but he forgot. When I got home it had been sent back to me. Thankfully it was NOT a Christmas gift and everything worked out in the end. But it is so much easier when I have control and can only get mad at myself. He certainly learned to appreciate my business that week!

I don't know what this Christmas will be like at all with blee around and Etsy growing and and and ahhhhhh did I mention that my duedate is a month from tomorrow?

Ben Can Dance said...

I saw your post yesterday on Modish and went to check it out! What a great feature -- I just love Russian Nesting dolls. I wanted everything on that page! Congratulations. :)

Cara said...

Congratulations! We used a pack-n-play for our baby too. Actually, now, at 10 months the packnplay is a glorified laundry basket and she's in our bed, but in theory we used the packnplay. Cute little room!

Persimmons Gal said...

Congrats on the Modish post! Looks great, I actually never saw that blog so thanks for sharing.

Idyeroving said...

I'm glad you found my picture. :)

I can hardly wait to see it in person.


m.Lee said...

Hi Dawn! I am glad I found it too! I was seriously freaking out.

And modish is awesome.

Katie said...

The nesting dolls are gorgeous~

You are very lucky to have a husband that is ready, willing and able to take on such a task!
He's going to be an awesome dad.