Friday, July 20, 2007

Mine! My final treat to myself!

Silver Wings Necklace
Originally uploaded by tigerlillyshop
Other than art supplies (which I don't need much of thankfully).

Not ever just until after things settle down with the baby and we see what our finances are like.

I was extra bad and got this one too because I couldn't decide and the people I asked for help picked opposite pieces. But mommies don't wear jewelry do they? Why bother since we don't have a life outside anymore? Well maybe for awhile but I do plan on going out and trying to be pretty someday! And these were just too perfect to resist.

I purchased these lovely unique items from the wonderful Tigerlillyshop on Etsy that I have had hearted for I don't know, as long as hearts on Etsy have existed? This is my first purchase! I guess I was just waiting for the perfect piece, or two! Check out her shop if you don't know it already, she has tons of sales for a reason!


Becca said...

Hey, that was supposed to be mine. Okay, I'm kidding. Enjoy your treats. They both look lovely.

Megan said...

Those are georgeous! I had some stuff from TigerLilly hearted but I imagine they are sold by now. ; )

m.Lee said...

I'm very excited to get them!

Anonymous said...

That pendant is amazing!

m.Lee said...

She's an amazing lady!