Saturday, July 21, 2007

bleeeeeeeee! Holy Crapola!

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She's on her way. Coming soon. Theoretically a month from today no less! Excuse me while I run around like a crazy person and freak out for awhile. And I am going to be responsible for her life and raising her to be a good and decent person. This being that is kicking inside me is not going to stay in there forever. I am so excited to meet her but so scared at the same time. A baby isn't like a cat or a dog! So far it has been both a hard and wonderful pregnancy. Physically it has been quite rough on me. Emotionally it hasn't been easy either, especially early on in the pregnancy. But people all around me that I know well to not at all have shown me and this baby so much kindness that how can I not smile and be grateful that I live in a world where people like that exist. (including this thoughtful little pendant made in the wee hours of one morning by a fellow Etsy seller) And that little blee can someday be one of them if I do my job right.

blee corner


LoveGemma said...


I can't wait to finish that necklace and send it off to you.

You're gonna be a great mama, I know it!

m.Lee said...

It will be fab!

Gotta get some sleep. Baby class alllll day tomorrow. Wound up.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful! Great photo's added as well. *HUGS*

Block Party Press said...

When I saw that title, at first I thought she had come early! Very cool necklace! Good luck with the baby class!

Starry Designs said...

marissa: Etsy is not working for me right now so I cant reply your convo! :( I cannot find your email either. Write to me at and I will reply you soon!