Monday, July 23, 2007

Getting Centered - Priorities

The Quickening
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Happy Monday party people! Well, many of you are probably not really party people, but probably moreso than I am.

On Saturday morning we had our birth class, nothing like natural childbirth (hah) though we did learn some simple breathing techniques that were putting me to sleep during the class. We were the "yes drug us please" class. Sorry but I have too much anxiety already to deal with natural childbirth when I don't have to. The class went really well and I feel very reassured about the process now and even better about our decision to use a NP midwife at the Bringham. The labor and delivery rooms are set up to look like bedrooms with two beds and a crib. We watched a video of a birth and it was like nothing I have ever seen before. So much better than your standard hospital room!

I have to say I got a little bitter because every other woman there seems to be having a problem free pregnancy and during the 7 hour class I was looking at all their ankles and the only one that swelled (just from not being elevated) was mine. And no I do not eat a lot of salty foods. I don't each much at all anymore really. One meal and a few snacks here and there and I am good.

Despite the foot issues and other sorenesses I am feeling quite good. I have such a strong motivation to get things in order that I often am able to just push through the pain and get what needs to be done done! This piece from last Sunday really means a lot to me. I relate to it, I would say it is one of my most personal and powerful pieces to date. I am very proud of it.

Proud of the batch in general. After the panic of nearly losing another piece I took a couple of hours to totally reorganize how I store my work. I'm actually still not completely finished as I would like to have every piece signed ahead of time and I still have some unsigned pieces. But it is tons better. I just wish I had gotten a second refill pack of archival sleeve pages for the presentation case I ordered from Blick. I'm hoping the store may carry the refills, but they probably don't because they don't carry the case. Shipping from them isn't cheap so I would have to wait until I felt that I needed something else and I don't know when that will be. Sure I sell my work at a good pace but I also make a lot too, especially before getting pregnant. Back then it was fairly normal for me to create 30 original pieces in a day or two once every week or two. It is no wonder that I have art coming out of my ears.

I got the bulk of my shipping done finally on Sunday and that lowered my stress level a lot. Still waiting on an echeck to clear and an address correction. But other than that I am good. I spent too much of Sunday making up stickers. 228 stickers to be exact and it was maddening. Jon tried to help me out as best he could and did a good job but when he discovered that one of the rounds had a drop of water on it was ruined and that I needed to print out more to replace it I kinda lost it. We got it done but I had to raise the prices of my stickers because there is a lot more effort to making them than I every imagined and I just can't be having them priced so low that I get so many orders in a week. I can't be carving blocks for the hanga project I want to try if I am busy making stickers. I hang up my cape and resign from being Sticker Girl. Feel free to order them if you wish because I think at the higher prices I am less likely to get so overwhelmed. If I really didn't want to sell them I would have unlisted them, I just want a more fair price for my labor. And they are a lot harder to make than you might think! Apparently the price increase is not too steep since a set sold just last night. I think I am going to wait before putting anymore back up until I have this one made.

Now I can put my focus back on carving that block for hanga. Before blee comes my goal is to have at least one more big printing session. Maybe it will be a hanga experiment or maybe it won't be. Not sure if I can use my oily blocks for the waterbased method.


Anonymous said...

I love the new piece. It's meaningful to you and I bet it will be to a lot of other women, too! Best of luck in the final weeks!

m.Lee said...

Don't be too shocked if you find it unlisted from my shop and kept. Though probably not because I have a different piece that I think I will be keeping that I am looking into getting framed. It was done prior to the pregnancy but I still feel a connection with it. So much so that when it was listed I kept increasing the price every few weeks to keep it from selling!

Thank you for your feedback.

stilettoheights said...

I hope you are feeling better, and I love your stickers, you are the sticker queen of etsy...they should be more money for sure!!!

m.Lee said...

Around $6-6.50 seems fair but I need a break and am going to resist relisting them until I am feeling better and focus on my art for awhile. That is what I am after all isn't it? An artist, not a sticker mass producer!