Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Good vs. Bad

Bluebirds in Autumn
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*hint* I put the good first for a reason

Good: I found another slightly buried treasure. This one was simply buried in a folder and had mysteriously never been listed, but it is a treasure to me none the less. I rectified the problem yesterday.

: It sat unloved for about a year!

: I got a good amount of carving done on the pinecone block I hope to experiment with moku hanga style printmaking with.

: My feet and ankles (both of them this time) were so swollen I had to do it from bed very carefully in short intervals.

: Jon got me a foot soaker massage thingie for my feet. Nice husband!

: He got it for me because the swelling in my feet no longer goes down even if I keep my feet elevated all day and all night. This helps with the pain.

: Jon will bring me pretty much any food that I desire.

: My appetite is pathetic and I don't really desire anything. I am even starting to tire of ice cream.

: My father in law referred to the baby as blee in a conversation with Jon.

: I can't see my dad ever doing that.

: el cheapo Pental Hi-Polymer Erasers make great material for carving stamps

: They are very small so I am limited to small sizes

: Jon felt bad about not treating my poor footsies right the other night and got me one of those home pedicure spa things. And it feels good on my feet.

: It isn't so hot at keeping the water, well, hot.

: After a week delay I am having dinner with Jen tonight! And hopefully getting our copy of season one of The Wire back.

: I don't have much of an appetite and I am afraid the good food at my favorite restaurant will be wasted on me. I'm going to barely eat all day so I can hopefully finish the bulk of my meal. And their portions aren't exactly Cheesecake Factory size. Not small, but not huge either.

: Yesterday I was the most popular user on a new website called Talentdatabase with my "pop factor" going up from 50-300.

: Popularity is fleeting especially on the internet! Just as I suspected their calculation method is wacky because I am back down to 54 and there is a brand new person with the 300 rating. But in the end I helped a site that I feel has potential grow by bringing in lots of Etsy users and that is good.

Good: I got a set of free Moo Stickers thanks to a post on Etsy referring me to a promotion. Maybe if she is born bald I will cover blee's little head with them and use her for self promotion.

: I just bought a set a few days ago when they came out, not much of a bad I know. Can never have too many stickers!

I would say that the good things far outweigh any of the bads even if by number they can be split 50/50. I'm gonna have a baby! How can I be upset?

Hope everybody, myself included, has a wonderful fantastic day ahead of them! Me, I have to get my day started by brewing a pot of tea up post haste. Then I can get to carving, from bed of course, have to keep those feet up!


stilettoheights said...

I love this idea for a blog post....very cool...

hope your poor poor feet begin to feel better!!!

also, you need to at least put one sticker on blee's little head and take a photo for flickr.

Sweet Spice said...

I love that you keep such a positive outlook!! yay for more goods!!!

mommyandme@syix.com said...

M Lee, when I first joined Etsy, your
Etsy shop was the first one I came across and I love your work! You put so much of yourself into it and it definitely shows. Beautiful.

I wish you the very best and I am so pleased that you can see the postive results of your difficult days - soon you will be blessed by a beautiful baby to love and nurture. There is no greater joy! God bless, Corline

m.Lee said...

Thanks for the words of encouragement from all of you. I appreciate it.

I have my good days and I have my bad. Today has been mixed but I am trying to stay upbeat.

The foot soaker certainly helps. Nothing like sitting in the glider chair in my studio with the air on and the bubbles going on that thing to make me not care about anything anymore!

Becca said...

love this post. but I must ask...what is a cankle?