Thursday, July 19, 2007

I Feel Loved and Very Lucky

Earthy Ginkgos
Originally uploaded by m.Lee
Thanks for all the wonderful supportive feedback I have been getting lately! I really appreciate it and have been feeling much better and even when I hurt I don't let it get to me so much. I am in such a mood that I am able to push through the pain.

The pack n play has shipped and I am incredibly excited about getting it and setting it up in here. Pretending baby is in here with me. Imaging that being in a creative space right from the start will rub off on her. Jon likes to tease me about it because early on in the pregnancy I was really worried that I wouldn't bond with the baby but here I am all excited about having her in here with me, so excited I want to pretend she is. And I will most likely cry when I do.

Here is one of my favorite pieces from the mad printing session of Sunday. Ginkgos just don't seem to get old do they? I love the earthiness of the colors. It is one of my favorites of the series.

I have two bigger pieces that I still need to scan in and now that I have a program that doesn't crop off edges like the annoying HP driver getting nice scans of them should be a lot easier and more successful. Too bad I had to buy a $40 product just to get my scanner to work properly because HP can't make a decent driver. But thank you to the Etsy seller that pointed it out to me. At least the purchased program has some cool extra features like how I can scan a jpg and a tiff at the same time. I always want both keeping the tiff for backup. This makes sure I don't forget!

I spend a fair amount of time yesterday mucking around in Photoshop making up a collection of some of my favorite art cards thanks to the suggestion of one of my readers. It turned out so well I printed it out but messed up at first and printed the low res jpg I have for online and it looked like butt. That ticked me off wasting the ink and the paper. Then I printed the proper image and it came out so awesome that I listed it on Etsy and even framed one for myself!

Speaking of art cards I got some new art card cases that are rigid plastic instead of the bags I have been using from Ebay yesterday. They are great! Archival just like the bags, look nicer and they make shipping easier since they offer protection that the bags do not. Thank you Studio Lyon for the suggestion and link. I need to leave feedback today because it shipped wicked fast. Also, I made my very first posting to the ACEO Street Team for Etsy. I enjoyed sharing my thoughts on the little cards.

I wanted to take photos of mirrors yesterday but the sun was not obeying. It was a very dreary day here in Boston. Maybe today it will work out better.


MewPaperArts said...

I am constantly in awe that despite the acid, swollen feet, back pain, and general moodiness from pregnancy you manage all that you do! Printing, carving, cleaning the studio, shipping, blogging...I hope Blee is easygoing and lets you continue, because i'll miss these updates if you have to slow down!

DivaDea said...

I am totally in love with your gingko stuff, especially in purple!

Ben Can Dance said...

I love that piece of art and the colors in it! Very nice, ML. :)

LadyK said...

I love your "Earthy Ginkos" print! Absolutely gorgeous!

m.Lee said...

Thank you. I am thinking it is one of my best piece. Have to make sure I have a good high res tiff of it before sending it on its merry way tomorrow!

The cankle from hell is back.

Christina said...

You're welcome, mLee! :)