Tuesday, January 05, 2010

After a Vacation I'm ready for a Staycation!

Miami Zoo
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Please excuse the extended absence, as after vacation we all ended up sick. Everything started out great when the three of us went to the Miami Zoo where Alex had a blast. We got to see Avatar and Fantastic Mr. Fox and enjoyed them both. But the day after Christmas on the long drive to see my family in Sarasota Alex started showing signs of a cold.

Once we got there it was full on and led to a lot of family stress. By the time we got home I too had the cold and a week later I'm still sick. Usually I'm the one that recovers the fastest since it is hardest on the family when I'm sick. Now here I am feeling a lot better in many ways, no more awful cough and I'm not exhausted, but my congestion has gotten so much worse and traveled to my ears. I'm getting checked out for an sinus infection tomorrow. The headaches I get are enough to knock me on my butt and that makes the days caring for Alex quite difficult. Alex is still a little snotty but happy overall.

But I'm sure that once I get better things will be great for us as I have a plan of direction for this year. Last year started out bad but ended on an upswing and I'm working to continue that trend. I've apparently lost more weight than I feel I have lost as people have been commenting a lot on how much better I look. The looking better comes from inside as I feel so much better as well, and this better feeling is tied with the lifestyle changes I made in 2009. And since I made them so gradually they feel natural and ingrained in me now.

We're still trying to get pregnant and it isn't going as I hoped, but I'm not letting myself get discouraged. Every month without pregnancy is a month I can prepare my body to be more healthy for it and hopefully not get so dang sick like the last time.


Rick said...

"Staycation" - very funny. I know the feeling.

Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

With nobody being able to afford travel these days Staycations are a big thing.

Serena said...

Hope that you are feeling better by now! (im a little behimd reading your post!).

Im sending you lots of good baby vibes ♥ I really hope it happens soon for you guys! Sebastiam is our little miracle baby ♥ but we are still hoping that we can have a second miracle this summer. Like you, im spending my time trying to focus on getting myself healthy in hopes of a little babe.

Good luck! .::hugs::.

Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

Baby vibes to you too! I'm trying to get it out of my mind but it is hard.