Monday, December 21, 2009

5 reasons why leaving Boston is awesome!

first snow
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1) Blizzard!

2) Florida sunshine in December might not be the warmest, but the contrast to here more than makes up for that.

3) Avatar! Movies and dinner dates out! Free babysitting from family is a rare and wonderful thing.

4) Getting to leave the house without some big production. Unless going to the beach and then it is worth it.

5) Having family fawn all over Alex.


1) Having a six am flight and having to get up by four am with a sleepy and most likely grumpy toddler.

2) Packing is never fun.

3) Cleaning the house.

4) No more green smoothies in the morning. Vitamix doesn't travel well and I don't think the stick blender will cut it.

5) Wasting my membership to the Gym. But I think there is one that I can use at my Grandmother's complex. Actually using it is another story.

As you can see the pros far out way the cons! We're not bringing the laptop and will have limited internet access, mostly from our phones. See you next year! Hope everybody has a great holiday and New Years!

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Adrienne said...

Oh you lucky girl, I could go for some natural vitamin D around now! Hope you guys have a great Christmas & all the best to you in 2010 M! :)