Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Year Goes By

Since our cat Burrito went into hopeless kidney failure and had to be put to sleep on a Sunday morning. She had been fighting it with our help for over two years until about a month prior when it started getting worse and we couldn't halt it anymore. One day we just knew it was time and made an appointment. We loved her very much and both sobbed when the vet told us that she had gone too far. We were proud of her for lasting so long. We kissed her goodbye and stayed with her as she fell asleep.

I remember we figured out she had passed the point on a Friday but couldn't get an appointment until Sunday. At the time I was over a week late and quite miserable, praying to go into labor every day. Suddenly that changed and I found myself praying for labor to hold off until the weekend was over. The idea of going into labor and coming back to a dead cat was horrifying.

One week later we had our daughter, while it did ease the pain of the loss we will never forget our sweet little fighter. Especially my husband as she was his cat before we married.

Tomorrow morning we are going on a (long) road trip to Ohio. I doubt I will be blogging until we get back. I will do my best to check blogs to read when I can. Maybe in the car a bit on my husband's new iPhone.


Lisa said...

;( poor burrito. looks like he was very much loved (sweet thing)

have a good road trip. if you want to procrastinate packing - - - i TAGGED YOU.

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MaRegina said...
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MaRegina said...

A lot of strenght to you.
I can imagine your pain. I have a cat - Petit - he is with me for 12 years... and he came to my home he was 1 year old.
He is with me all the time !
sweet kisses


Celtic Goddess Jewelry said...

Poor little kitty! How hard that must have been for you all *sniff*

Alissa said...

I remember this photo, and I remember when you first went through her sickness. Losing a pet is a devastating loss, but remembering the joy she gave your family, and the safe and loving home you gave her reminds us why we keep pets.