Sunday, August 24, 2008

Autumn is coming

Deep in Autumn
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The weekend was pretty good here in Boston. Good weather, good moods all around for the most part, just social enough, excited about trip, lots of fun exercise. Just good. But yeah, autumn is right around the corner. It is getting darker earlier and the air is starting to change. I don't mind this as autumn is my favorite season, except for the fact that winter follows it.

I've been toying around with the idea of bringing out the book The Artist's Way again and actually completing the twelve week program. I tried it two years ago in August 2006 during one of my seemingly traditional summer creative blocks and even though I did only a small bit of it I found it helpful. But I want it all this time. Originally I was going to wait until we got back from Ohio to start it, but I have the energy and the mindset to do it now so I just went for it. Waking up a half hour early to do the prescribed "morning pages" in my journal and then I went out by myself in what the book calls an "artist date". For me it was jogging. Or attempting to jog. I'm a walker not a runner but I have been wanting to try jogging a bit for awhile now. But running is not something I can safely do while babywearing and we don't own a jogging stroller. So Sunday morning was the perfect time to try it out.

The mistake I made was bringing our lazy dog. She's a frigging greyhound that can go up to 40 miles an hour yet I had to drag her butt along. I ended up mostly speed walking and running here and there for as long as I could stand dragging her. A well behaved and trained dog she is not. Next time I will go it alone sans dog. I really should have known better since these so called dates with creative self are supposed to be solo. But I wanted to do Jon a favor and have the dog walked for him when he woke up. But I tried something different and I feel pretty good about that. Combined with the evening walk I took with Jon and the Wii Fit I just did that should negate the ice cream cone I got right?

I'm not really stressing about art too much right now. Just writing and sketching when I feel like it. Working on myself getting better before I put crushing pressure on myself and blow all my progress. Plus, I have plenty of pieces from early August that haven't even been scanned in yet. So keep looking.

with my cousins at Boston College


My newly messy eater daughter is enjoying the final week of her first year. My cousins were in Boston moving one of them back into her college dorm so we went and saw them. It was gorgeous out so we just hung out on the lawn of the seminary. I haven't seen them since Christmas which is far too long, especially considering she goes to school about thirty minutes away and her parents and brother live less than an hour and a half away. I hope this changes because I like seeing them.


hello,my name is jessica. said...

autumn is my favorite season, too. the chaos of summer winds down and everything seems to right itself. i can't believe it's been a year- what a cutie!

UniqueNurseGranny said...

Lovely post

Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

Yes. I welcome fall with open arms.