Thursday, August 21, 2008

No, not yet

Marissa and baby
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It isn't her birthday yet. But the 21st was her due date! Whoops! Missed that one little girl. That is okay, you came when you were done cooking.

I have to say that despite how low I have been feeling I am super excited about blee's upcoming birthday. I just can't believe it. That is why I have this picture up late at night. Because I was lying in bed and I started thinking about how I should work on her memory box. And this picture and the 113 comments that are attached to it is something that I think belong in her growing box. It took thirteen pages to print it all out!

Next Wednesday we make the drive to Ohio. On Thursday we go to Toledo with my brother in law to see their grandmother. On Friday two friends from Boston who now live in Brooklyn will be in town and we are going to see them. My dad and sister get in on Saturday and I think we will let them get some quality time with the wee one while we go out with my best friend from college. On Sunday a bunch of people will be gathering at my brother in law's place for the party.

Monday we drive home. Tuesday is her actual birthday and it will be a quiet day with just the three of us relaxing. That following Sunday there will be a second party for Boston friends.


I'm excited to be having family and friends together next week. Though I know I am going to be exhausted probably about halfway through. Excited about this crazy year we have had with our little princess, and excited about the next year.

Thanks for the positive thoughts my way. I'm working on it.


Lisa said...

what a cute photo! you have documented a great year on your blog - atleast it will help you with the memory box whenever you find the time. :)

Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

We didn't really do the whole baby book thing but I do have a little box of memorable items for her. But the box keeps getting bigger. Started out as a small shoebox now is a midsize and it may need to get bigger again.