Monday, July 28, 2008

Waking Up

Waiting for the Dusk
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I'm a little nervous because this morning I woke up early with pretty bad eye problems. I was in quite a bit of pain for about a half hour, not that I could look at a clock to see how long I just lay in bed with my eyes closed waiting for it to pass so I could go back to sleep. This may have happened because last week in a desperate attempt to get some energy back I took that medication again. Except I did that early last week and only did it once. I should probably call my doctor and get my eyes looked at just in case if this keeps happening. It hurts a lot. I'm lucky it was better by the time Jon left for work because I would have a hard time caring for blee with this kind of pain that made it hard to see.

Some of you may remember when I kept a list of seven simple tasks to complete during my day. I got out of the habit months ago and think it would be best for me to get back into it. So here is my list for today. I have laundry done and with this blogging will be as well. If she lets me I will soon break out the Wii Fit and do some yoga. This way at the end of the day I can feel a sense of accomplishment and am properly motivated, even if I don't do everything on the list.

1) diapers
2) tidy studio
3) print
4) yoga
5) blog
6) put away clothes
7) dinner

Hope everybody had a good weekend. Ours was busy. On Saturday I started off with a dental appointment and then went to lunch with friends before heading to the MFA to see an exhibit we were given tickets to before it ended on Sunday. On Sunday we had a birthday picnic to go to and had dinner with an old friend from high school that found me via Facebook. Turns out she lives just a few minutes from our place. Funny how things work out like that.

Have a good one!

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