Thursday, June 05, 2008

Gloom and Doom

determined - SPT
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Has been following me around mentally. But not today. I'm not going to let my negative thoughts get the best of me today. Today is going to be different. This is the face of somebody that is determined to feel better!

I've been sketching daily using the Wacom tablet every day. My goal obsessed brain needs to turn this into some sort of goal to suck out the fun and I am fighting that urge. But I am going to do thirty of them. They don't have to be one a day every day. But I want thirty by the end of June! Some days I will need to double up because I am going to be out of town for five days this month and won't have my tablet with me, nor will I have the time regardless.

I'm trying not to get hung up on the quality of them and just enjoy the time to doodle for fun.

Have to go, the blee awakes from her slumber. Hope you enjoy your day as it has just begun for many of you. I can't believe it is only 10am here... I am trying not to see that as a bad thing and count down the hours but see it as time for me to enjoy life.

This is hard.

bedtime kisses


T.Allen-Mercado said...

Aah the dreaded cloud of doom, I feel ya. I'm currently in anxious aka energetic mode, that way when the doom comes back, I'll just call it rest. I hope your 30 piece plan comes to fruition and here's to may smiles and sunshine-filled days for you.

The Mincing Mockingbird said...

Blee rocks, even when half awake.

Can't wait to see all the new drawings!

Thanks for digging my ACEO!

mizu designs said...

hope you're doing ok. pity we haven't been able to meet up in NY. i'm sending you positive thoughts.