Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Enjoy Summer!

walk on
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Hope everybody is enjoying summer and doing their best to keep cool in this heat.

I am doing my best to enjoy my little vacation. It hasn't been easy to shake the dark cloud that has been following me, but things are getting better. I haven't been able to take a 100% break from art as a custom print order came in and I am working on that. But that is a good thing not a bad thing! It is a fun custom representing the four seasons, I can't wait to see it completed.

my day

We've spent a lot of time outdoors going on walks combined with going to Cedar Point amusement park when in Ohio I have gotten a bit of a tan. I always make sure to use sunscreen with blee and put a hat on her, I even have a UV reflecting and blocking parasol for really sunny days. I'm a touch paranoid about her skin as she is so much fairer than I am. I just hope that even though she seems fair she is like my little sister and tans instead of burns. I hope the tiny bit of Indian blood she has in her protects her.

I'm enjoying babywearing more than ever and continue to lose weight. I'm hoping to fit in a single digit pair of jeans come fall, that is my big goal. Sometimes I get negative comments from strangers but mostly people smile, say something nice or make a silly joke. Just today an older man commented that I seemed to have quite a load on. I just smiled and told him that weight bearing exercise is good for me! Then I kept on with my walk.

Blee is napping and I need to get back to prepping my studio to print tonight. I would like to print now but I don't want to get ink out only to have her wake up crying in the middle of printing. I need a chunk of time and I won't have that until she goes to bed.


Alissa said...

Great job on sticking to an exercise routine! Sounds like it's fun and doesn't even seem like a workout! Wish you could pass some of that energy my way!

Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

I wish my body didn't need me to stick to some sort of exercise routine! You look great! Yesterday I had to drag myself out of the house to go for the long walk around the pond.

jkziel said...

Awww marissa you and blee look cute (I love the big grin on her little face under her hat)! And I'm very excited to see your custom, it sounds like a great one.

Caroline said...

Oh expert baby-wearer! At some point in the next few months I need to pick your brain about your most highly recommended baby wraps/slings/carriers. :D

Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

Short answer from the babywearing guru ;)

Moby Wrap (try to find one used on Craigslist or the like)
Comfy Joey pouch
Connecta (these UK carriers are kinda $$ because of the crap value of the dollar, but you can find them used for less on thebabywearer.com website)

This is the perfect newborn stash from me. When are you due? Babies are love.

SewMuchDetail said...

Oh my gosh, Great job on exercising!! I have got to get walking again. it helps me sew much!! Love your blog!

bycinbyhand said...

Your baby is sooooooooo gorgeous - what a face on her...those cheekies!!

Anonymous said...



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