Monday, June 02, 2008

Sketching Spring

June 2nd Sketch
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Here is a little sketch of a plant I saw during one of our walks today. Since I didn't have my camera or even my phone on me this was done from memory (I try not to pick the flowers no matter how tempting they are). Drawing from memory is a good exercise for me to get back into.

I'm on vacation but am already starting to do things like draw again that it is tempting for me to give myself goals, like do a drawing and post it every day this month. Really very tempting. Is this a bad thing? And what about the days when I am going to be out of town? Drawing is never much of an issue for me as I always have something to draw on and with on me, but photographing and uploading it to. See, this could get ugly and end up being something I feel pressured to do and then feel guilty about when eventually I do break my goal. And then I stop enjoying myself and stop drawing and my vacation is wasted because I am right back to feeling stressed out, burnt out and miserable.

I can't even give myself a break from blogging. But I am enjoying writing this blog post so whatever. If I want to draw then I will do it and maybe I will even try doing a simple sketch like this daily, but I am not going to make some set goal no matter how tempting it may be.

And happy monthday to blee, she turns nine months old at 7:14pm tonight, June 2nd. She's growing up so fast with her sitting up and trying so hard to talk and learning to stand, she is going to be a year in no time at all. Being pregnant seems like a lifetime ago and I am good with that feeling far away because it was one of the most miserable times in my life. And being a mom is the best! This period is the best so far as she is really quite easy to care for. We go on walks and enjoy them and sometimes she naps during them and sometimes she looks around and babbles. Sometimes I go to a park and sit with her on a blanket in the grass and watch her play with the grass. You really see the world in a totally different way as a parent by being around this creature where everything is a new experience.


mizu designs said...

just draw if you feel like it on your holiday but i think giving yourself a target (like daily) is too much if you want some time to chill out too.
hey we're having a wonderful time in manhattan so far. i went to the old print room in midtown today and it was just fascinating.

Anonymous said...

Your drawing is really lovely. I went away last month for a few days and found it really unblocked me and I started drawing in a new and exciting way. Aren't trips wonderful?

I didn't realize that my son is only a few weeks younger than your daughter :) Doesn't it go by incredibly fast?

Cicada Studio said...

Don't put demands or expectations on yourself! You're on vacation! Just enjoy it and be thrilled with the moments you make for yourself and your art naturally rather than scheduled. I bet you'll be so much more pleased with the result!

Saw the little video of blee waving! How'd you teach her that? The only thing Bruno does is wave his arms to get picked up. Which is often. lol

Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

Mizu - I think there is a japanese woodblock print showing at the Brooklyn museum if you are able to attend

cicada - I don't know how she just started waving a lot a couple weeks ago. She loves waving to people. She's super social. A little behind physically (I think due to her size) but ahead in other ways.

fog - yes it goes by so fast but for some reason May went by super slow for us. Maybe it is because of my depression problems. My sense of time is all messed up.

Anonymous said...



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