Thursday, May 01, 2008

Walk For Hunger begging!

teething sucks
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Not really, but donations would be appreciated.

Time got away from us and suddenly Boston's Walk for Hunger is only two days away! The three of us will be walking. Well, blee won't be doing too much walking but she will be hitching a ride on my back, hip or front.

This is a very good cause and we would love it if you donated to Team Swinghammer. She may be teething but walking is one of the few things that makes her feel better.

Thank you.

Here is some cuteness for your viewing pleasure.

My artwork is nearly ready to be hung tomorrow afternoon. I just hope blee cooperates and lets me get over there and hang my work and that the cafe provides some sort of help to a mother juggling a teething baby while attaching artwork to wires. I'm nervous.

Jon and I enjoyed First Thursday here and JP, saw some art, drank a wee bit of wine and had a bit of good food. And I got some shinies for mother's day! I'd like to see her try and yank these out! On second thought maybe not.

Oh, and guess who turns eight months today the 2nd?

mother's day earrings

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