Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Printsy : Printmakers of Etsy

Something that I have been thinking about but never getting off my butt to do for about oh two years now has finally happened. Printmakers on Etsy finally have their own street team named Printsy. I came up with that one half as a joke and it took.

Are you a printmaker that sells your prints on Etsy? Would you like to get together with other printmakers to get the word out about original prints versus reproductions? Help show that there very much is a difference between the two and that they can co-exist. Then please consider joining our group.

You can contact me or sherisdesthelion via Etsy convo to find out more information about this growing group of artists.

Join up in the Flickr group Flickr Group and find out more about the intent of the group.

Get your own Etsy shop or blog linked on the Printsy Blog, as well as make your own posts. You will want to contact Sheridesthelion who runs the blog.

This is a group that is about promotion printmaking beyond our own individual prints.

Ok it isn't 9pm even but I am exhausted and am going to head off to bed. I have a busy morning tomorrow and I need to be well rested. Jon is out visiting a friend until later tonight and I don't have the energy to do anymore carving, but I am getting close to finishing that block I started last week.


Nicole R.J. said...

*lol* Love the group name! I'm off to subscribe to the group blog. I was a print major in Uni, and boy do I miss it!

Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

Great! It seems that there are a lot of people that studied printmaking in uni but got away from it. I did after school for over three years.

But once I started back up I couldn't stop!