Friday, May 02, 2008

Last chance for some art!

Framed! Last Chance
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The Night Before
White Stripe
She Dances
Misty Beauty
Dragon Fly!

Along with all of my stretched canvas collages these pieces are getting hung for a month long show here in Boston on Sunday, but I am not opposed to selling them and swapping them out for different pieces. Sunday morning they will be taken down from Etsy for a month and may not return. Mention show in the notes to seller and I will give you free shipping on any of these pieces. Frames are not included.

I was supposed to hang this show this afternoon but I decided to postpone it to Sunday that way I can have some help. I've got a cold and blee is teething and the weather is bad so the last thing I want is to drag a stroller full of art while wearing a baby around town and then hang pieces while hoping that she doesn't erupt. And she is sick herself on top of teething. Fun times!

In case you missed my earlier post I am going to mention the three of us walking in the Walk for Hunger on Sunday. Well, in reality Jon and I will be walking and blee will be hitching a ride. She may be teething but walking is one of the few things that makes her feel better.

Hope you have a better Friday than we are having and a kickin weekend filled with good weather.

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stephanie levy said...

Hi Marissa,

wow- your life sounds similar to mine. i also have an almost 8 month old baby - as well as 2 year old, and i too struggle with having time for my art as well as my children. i write this with baby on knee.

i love your work,