Monday, May 05, 2008

I'm such a loser

New Old Clothes!
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And I couldn't be happier about it. Looking for an extra curtain we should have that we need now I stumbled upon a bin filled with spring and summer clothes from three or more years ago. And for the first time in all those years they fit. This is the smallest I have been in ten years except for the summer that I biked into a job downtown five days a week.

I'm not done yet but I am feeling excited and ready to keep getting in better shape. For me it is not about weight loss but about losing inches and toning. I want to be healthy.

The first fifteen or twenty pounds of babyweight came off easily due to the baby herself combined with breastfeeding. But then I totally stalled and possibly even backtracked a bit. Then I started doing a lot of walking while wearing an increasingly heavy blee. Either around the house doing errands or outside when the weather was decent. Long walks when it is really nice are a must. I purchased a couple of pretty carriers and they helped me feel pretty even though I didn't feel pretty at all most days. And that got me out of the house.

Then Jon and I gave up soda and slowly started making major diet changes. Keeping junk food out of the house and rarely eating meat and only eating free range organic when we do eat it. It felt wonderful.

And then I got a horrible stomach bug and lost an additional few pounds! Oh wait, that part isn't so great is it?


Both blee and I are still sick, and I still haven't hung my art. But I will hopefully be doing that first thing in the morning. So after I finish typing this I am going to bed. I am filled with snot, have a nasty cough and am very dehydrated even though I seem to be drinking gallons of water. But I am getting better and I think she is too.

Art has been on the back burner but I did finally finish carving that block from the other week of the girls playing. I need to do a studio cleanup and tear some paper before I can do any printing. Hopefully this week! Look for new work in my shop, here and on Flickr soon.



fluffnflowers said...

Congrats! It's amazing how much better you feel after you lose 5, 10, however many pounds. :)

Gayle said...

Marissa, You could try extra vitamin D. It prevents you from getting sick. I haven't been sick with a cold in two years, and it has helped asthma so much I barely have to use my albuterol inhaler anymore. Take at least 1,000 iu's a day. I take 2,000 because we live in the worst area for cloud coverage during winter and spring. Anyway, for me it has worked wonders. By the way, you look good from all your exercise.

jessicajane said...

that's awesome, good for you! I also lost a noticable amount of weight last summer from stopping drinking soda and junk foods.

EyePopArt said...