Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Inspire Me Tuesday!

I'm not sure where my inspiration always comes from other than just looking at the world with open eyes. Taking in the shapes and the colors and being constantly and sometimes overwhelmingly inspired by what I see around me.

Lately, and by that I mean the past few days since maybe my last printing session last Thursday, I haven't been feeling it much. And I really need to. I received some beautiful Japanese Chirogami washi papers in the mail and I have barely touched them. I feel distracted and not just because of my teething daughter.

I think it is about time for me to go out for a nature walk and take some inspiration pictures. Since it is really difficult to sit down and sketch outside with a baby strapped to me I take pictures and then use them (hopefully) later.

I need this. I need to open my eyes again and take in some beauty. I will feel better and my art will be better. But in the meantime I do have some pieces from last week and the week prior that I am really proud of. This one in particular because I haven't done a larger print in awhile.

Time to get ready to go out, baby on my back and camera in hand. I hope everybody has a wonderful day.

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