Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Beautiful Weekend in Boston

Butterfly in Greenery
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It was green and lush with just a sprinkling of rain late in the day on Sunday.

I hope everybody had a great weekend, ours went pretty well over all.

Jon's birthday was this weekend, and it was a good one I think despite Saturday being pretty hard on him. Sunday made up for it.

The weekend went a lot better than expected and we owe it all to little blee and her perfect behavior on both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday daddy had to go into work at 4am and was there until two in the afternoon so it was just us girls. She was pretty easy going already and I had just mastered back carries in our new Mei Tai so we went on what turned out to be a two hour nap. She slept the entire time.

Then daddy came home and he took a nap while I fed and watched her. Which wasn't hard because as I said she was perfect baby this weekend. This same easy to please behavior continued into Sunday when we decided it was time to let the daycare service at church watch her for an hour for the first time. We decided it was time last week after her many happy but loud outbursts during the sermon. Very cute but distracting. And this Sunday's service was a very somber one about getting through grief in life given by the parents of our friend in the hospital.

She did very well so we took her to this special toystore in Inman Square and got her a new friend named Max, he's from Germany and he is an awesome little guy.

Sunday before church

hanging out, blocking traffic

Work is going well. I still have a bunch of new prints to put up but I am currently back into cutting paper for new collage works thanks to a special package I received from Connecticut bringing me back into the washi love groove. My exacto will be at work a lot this week.

Have a great week! Hope to see more of you. I'm up too late so goodnight.


The Aesthetic Elevator said...

Some nice things going on in the butterfly print. Texture, color and cropping are all quite nice.

Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

It is a really faint ghost print layer but there is a layer in black that is like the first print of mine that you bought. The one with the circle cut out. I found that block while going through my block stash and decided I don't use it nearly enough!

Rosebud Collection said...

Beautiful print and beautiful baby..