Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Nature Walk - Inspired

flower behind fence
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I don't take what I would call exciting photos during my nature walks. I take snapshots of things that catch my eye, usually with the camera from my phone as it is a decent camera and is simple to use while wearing a baby!

I take in the images and then go through them later looking at the colors, shapes and general ideas for work. Here are some of my quick snapshots from today. I didn't have a lot of time to stop and gaze at the flowers because we were on our way to see the pediatrician for blee's nine month visit but I caught a handful of interesting images.

I like how this flower is growing in a tiny yard behind a fence so almost nobody can enjoy it unless they look for it like I did. I like seeing the dug up lawn with what looks like a Maple tree sapling springing out of the ground. And then there are the gorgeous colors all around.

I love Boston in the spring! Sadly rain is expected on Thursday, but I am hoping for a long walk around the pond with a friend on Friday morning.




Victoria said...

I love your photos!

They remind me of my final photography project that I did back in art school. I focused completely on all of the small details found in the city's back alleys.

It really made me zero in on all that was around me, and notice that there was color, life and beauty everywhere.

Cicada Studio said...

Sometimes I just snap things with the cruddy cell phone for a mental reference. I find that though a nice picture works wonders, the recollection of the image in my mind is sometimes stronger.