Monday, April 07, 2008


Etching from college
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Good morning! Hope you had a great weekend.

Saturday was great with wonderful weather, we picked up my new carrier and went for a long walk.

It all started simply with me finding a place for the baby carrier that a woman I know here in Boston made with some fabric I bought on Etsy. Then I decided that my silk ring sling from Bronwenhandcrafted had no business being stuffed in a back so I steamed out the wrinkles and hung it off the side of the bins.

Except that created a new problem with it dragging in the Pack n Play. So it was time to reorganize the entire area. And now I not only have my closet back for not just since I blocked the door with the glider chair but since I crammed it full of various stuff when we moved in nearly four years ago. I fixed the busted shelf and went through boxes finding a lot of old work from art school like this one.

I'm not going to say the work is flawless and that I am about to list it on Etsy for a thousand dollars. But, it isn't as bad as it was in my head. Included in my discovery were the poorly framed pieces from my senior show. I made the frames poorly and my presentation in general was terrible but the work wasn't nearly as bad and embarrassing as I thought it was. Those pieces from my senior show were done during the beginning of a depression that would last for years. They were the last art I did for over three years.

Oh and I made some new buttons/ magnets. They will be coming into my shop as soon I can get photos of sets made. These are different from my previous buttons as they come from Gocco prints on various types of empherma like paper bags and a thirty year old dictionary. The others are delicate and beautiful, these have a bit of an edge to them. I like them.

Custom Buckle Carrier

stash pic

New Buttons/Badges/Magnets


Rosebud Collection said...

What a wonderful baby carrier..When I think,I was so happy with my Gerry carrier..Things sure have changed..
Did you make the elephant? Love the buttons/magnets..

Shannon said...

You are one buzy gal! Love your school drawing too:)

Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

sweetestpea on Etsy made the elephant. She is super talented.

I don't know what a Gerry carrier is.