Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Dream World
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April Fools!

Thanks everybody for playing along. With everything that has been going on lately I needed something to make me laugh and lighten the mood a bit. If you enjoy my collages don't worry they are still intact and hanging up on my studio wall. And if you don't well you don't have to come over to look at them.

Things are really no good. Awful really. The news about my friend is looking more grim by the day and today I really cried about it for the first time since hearing the initial news. I guess I have been in such shock and also been fighting feeling grim about it these past weeks but today I broke down. Then I baked them some popovers. They have people doing their grocery shopping, helping with the kids, somebody even got them Celtic tickets so they could go out on a date last night. I baked because I had to do something. Had to keep busy since blee has been so well behaved Monday and today and certainly wasn't feeling much creative energy. Jon is over visiting them now bringing the baked goodness.

I'm tired and sick feeling. I think I am going to enjoy one of the extras that I made in a muffin pan (not nearly the same as the ones using the special popover pan) and go to bed early. If I can fall asleep without him that will be something I haven't been able to do ever since we had the baby. Bedtime needs to have all three of us together. Speaking of her she turns seven months tomorrow (the 2nd). I can hardly believe how much I love her. She's the best thing that ever happened to me.


time for some silk

Goodnight and goodmorning.


erinpetersonart said...

Look how cuddly! I want to hold her!!! Precious.

SecretMe said...

yummy and cute baby!

Anonymous said...

I miss popovers!! (wheat-intolerant) Marissa, you may have listed this before but you mention cards, is there a particular artist's inspiration deck you like? It sounds intriguing, thanks! You had me going w/ your april Fool's joke, I love the synergy of your pieces...glad they weren't ruined by the rain :)

igotmoxie said...

mlee! your bebe gets cuter by the second.
also- wow. i haven't had popovers since i was a kid. i so know what i'm doing this weekend.
hope you're well!

beth b.