Thursday, March 06, 2008

More ACEOs Coming!

Blue Pines - ACEO
Originally uploaded by m.Lee
I found a stash of finished and partially finished ACEOs while I was searching for one that was purchased from my shop. I never did find the card, one that I had a special love for, and was starting to panic when I realized that I had shipped it late last week. My brain just isn't all here today. But at least it got me back in the mood to focus on these little bits of affordable art for awhile, something I have been meaning to do for some time now. So keep an eye out for more this week and next.

I hope you are enjoying Thursday more than I. Today is gorgeous and after I type this I am going to pack blee up and go for a walk down to the Post Office, but my day started out pretty bad. And very slow. I just couldn't wake up and used every moment of peace I had to nap. Not much at all. The funny thing is that blee slept from 7pm until 7am without even one wakeup so I got a good seven hours of sleep myself, but I must have woken up at a bad part in my sleep cycle because I wasn't feeling it. But I am doing better now. Packaging up orders helped get my brain together and functioning.

And it is a beautiful day after all, no reason to stay inside on a day like today! I will try to resist getting a new toy for blee while we are out. Yesterday I went to one of the four alternative baby/ kids shops within walking distance and picked up this toy. She loves it and I love its aesthetics. But I still haven't found the wooden beaded bracelet/ ring that I am searching for so I poked around online last night and found this wonderful and dangerous website.

I couldn't resist getting her something

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