Friday, March 07, 2008

Dreaming of Spring

So glad to have my phone back!
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Didn't get too much accomplished on the art front yesterday, because we were too busy out playing outside. I don't know how mom's with strollers manage. Wearing blee around the city is so freeing, I don't have a stroller to lug around, get in the way and hold me back. It was a gorgeous day and today is looking to be one too. Luckily for my art my feet hurt a bit from all the walking I've been doing and my new comfy shoes won't be here until Monday at the earliest.

I hope everybody enjoys their Friday and their weekends. I think we will go walking around an area we are interested in moving to in a couple of years. There used to be a very cute toy store around there.

morning project

Purple Ginkgo Leaves

So I should be able to just take a short walk and then focus my freedom on cutting paper for ACEOs and larger collages. The two big things I want to be working on at this time. Polar ends in my body of work. Small art cards and large complex canvases. I did a bit last night while hanging out with Jon in the living room, nice thing about cutting paper is that it is quite portable, but then Lost came on and the lights went out and I had to stop.

Trying to keep at it while all my brain wants to do is play outside. I love spring and know that this isn't spring and could turn ugly at any moment.


Caroline said...

Enjoy the lovely weather while it lasts! I'm trying to do the same. Can't wait for the "real" spring.

Jessica Ziel said...

I want Spring!!!! I've been locked up too long.

Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

Real spring please come and stay for awhile! Then skip summer and just have a very long fall.

I can't avoid enjoying spring because blee needs her walks! My waistline is thanking her. Walking for miles with a 20lb weight strapped to your body is good exercise, who knew?

Athena's Armoury said...

It really is so difficult to work when it's beautiful out!! I think I love being outside in the fresh air just as much as I love to weave metal.

Allison said...

I can't wait for "real spring" to arrive - think of the productivity levels! ;]

Rachel said...

I totally agree about strollers! Sure a baby is a bit heavy and cumbersome, but those dang strollers are 10 times more heavy and cumbersome! And they take up a LOT of space. And take a LOT of time to open up and close.

With baby slings, all you gotta do is nestle baby up to you, nice and close (and babies LOVE being held) and go.

Shannon said...

What an adorable picture of you and Blee!