Wednesday, February 06, 2008

New Shop! mLeeRedux on Etsy

framed reproduction!
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Given New Life

Wish me luck! My heart is racing from it, I finally opened up a second shop for my reproduction prints. High quality archival prints in various, easy to frame sizes. I am going to stick to selling reproductions of my more expensive pieces and never in the same size as the originals. My 4" x 4" block prints and ACEOs will not be reproduced.

I'm trying to emphasize the whole contrast and connection between the shops with the banner and the avatar.

I wasn't comfortable with my mixed-media collages considering how much work went into them. I still think they are a bargain considering how much of myself I put into them. But I know what it is like out there and want to offer quality alternatives. While I have sold reproductions in my main shop before and fairly successfully I never felt totally comfortable having them side by side plus they would end up getting buried with all my originals, which I list much more frequently. Especially since I don't re-list the same reproduced images over and over again. I don't do limited editions because as a printmaker limited editions are limited for a reason other than inflating the value. But I am not a machine either so while they don't have a number on them they are far from mass produced.

It was a rough day. blee was very high needs and I was very low energy. I didn't end up getting to do anything with the paper cut cup up last night and I still have some orders to ship. I am going to get to packing them up and then trying to at the very least draw something since other than a doodle I have not sketched today.

Have a good night and an even better morning and day.


Love you all, thanks for participating in the contest and keep the suggestions/ entries coming!


Andrea Q said...

Best of luck with your second shop!

Jessica Ziel said...

good luck mLee! I think the 2nd shop sounds like a good idea and it looks wonderful, totally ties well with your 1st shop.

Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

thank you!

Today was another rough one for me, blee is cutting a tooth. But I managed to get a new collage done that I am very excited about. I didn't get enough shots during good lighting for an original listing but I did get a reproduction up.

mizu designs said...

good luck with it marissa. i know what you mean by not being a machine. printmaking of originals is hard on the body. you should do very well with the new shop.

neurasthenia said...

Good luck with the new shop!