Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Valentines Day Contest! Win This ACEO!

Pink Stream - ACEO
Originally uploaded by m.Lee
Nothing says romance like a contest and possibly a free gift for your sweetie (or yourself)

1. What to do: Comment below giving me a suggestion of what you would like to see more of in my art. A theme, a material, a medium or whatever sticks out most to you. What have I been doing that you would like to see more of? What have I not been doing that you would like to see me try? Is there something you would like me to go back to? Whatever interests you? I'm in an open to experimental phase in my art and am longing for feedback.

2. Prize: This Mixed Media Perfect for Valentine's Day ACEO. Lovely pink, white and gold Japanese washi paper combined with my own block printing, watercolor and drawing.

3. Contact info: If there is no way to contact you through your Profile, please be sure to leave some sort of contact information. I will contact the winner around 11PM EST USA for shipping information.

4. Choosing a winner: On Friday, February 8th I will choose from the suggestions after spending some time hopefully experimenting and pick my top suggestions. From those I will pick one at random using the powers of the stars or something or another.

5. Who can enter: Anybody!

6. Deadline for entries is Friday, February 8th 7pm EST USA, and the item will be ready to ship via First Class Mail or Air Mail on Saturday February 9th.
*I can make no guarantees that the item will arrive before Valentine's Day, but I do promise to ship it on the 9th wherever it needs to go.

7. Keep in touch: here to see my upcoming work influenced by you my readers! I will of course give due credit to all who contribute.

Good Luck!




BaldyLocks said...

I just tried to leave a long and detailed comment but I just lost it. AAAK.

Anyway, your work is great. I think it is a beautiful reflection of you.

Lava Jewelry said...

I love your prints; I don't see how it would be possible to improve on them.

A couple of my personal favorite subjects are bamboo and acacia trees. Probably not together though.

Nice contest!

gilfling said...

accht this is my third attempt as i keep losing the comments

shortened version

Ernst Haeckel - wonderful postive and negative spaces - taking elements and making them your own

script, letters and numbers - perhaps personal to you - elizabethan style - curving and beautiful shapes - the reader could interpret them in their own way

the shape of lace - again positive and negative spaces - playing with scale - I love elements of costume and how the patterns can be used in other forms of art - also reflecting the shapes in nature - plantlife and oceon

whew hopefull this will work

I am inspired to join your 365 group!

Christine said...

Love your work, I'm a big fan of butterflies so love your work including them and your other nature inspired pieces.

I love gilfling's ideas above, especially the lace ideas.

High Desert Diva said...

I didn't go through all 114 items, I admit, but I love words. I saw some mixed media with some music scores....but nothing in wood block print. Would you be able to do that? (asks the woman who has never used/made wood blocks)

Hannah said...

Great contest!

I really love some of your new mixed media pieces, and I wish you'd do more of that in larger pieces (rather than mostly ACEOs). I really like the washi, gold leaf, (gocco, pen, other papers) etc., mixed with your prints.


Nutsy Coco said...

I love your mixed media pieces too and I also really love your nature-inspired pieces. I think the colors in the piece you're giving away are a great combination and different from some of your other pieces. Of course, I might especially like it now because the piece has a bright, spring feel and I'm sick of winter!

The Aesthetic Elevator said...

Your best work usually includes figures and metallics and I always look for these in your new pieces as you post.

Designed by RJ said...

Lovely work! The softness, almost transluscent qualities of a wood-blocked print reminds me of the phot transfers I used to do using Oil of Wintergreen. You could easily incorporate photo transfers into your mixed media work... and you're already got the perfct press for it!

Cicada Studio said...

If I had any advice for you it would be this: just keep going where it leads you. I love watching the progress from day to day, piece to piece. Sure it's nice to revisit old ideas, and those will be become fresh again when you incorporate them into the new. But, I couldn't- and wouldn't- dare to suggest you do anything specific. That's the beauty of art- always emerging- ebbing and flowing and coming from within.
You rock!

The Little Illustrator said...

I was going to suggest "brighten up your color pallette", but then I decided that was stupid because your colors reflect your style-of which I am in love with-so, don't cahnge that. :)
Maybe you could experiment with printing on different papers and surfaces, since it's obvious you rock at the wood block and have it mastered.

Keep up the creating! I love love seeing your new items listed.

pillowhead said...

Hi Marissa, it's Angela/pillowhead. I showed chubbs your artwork and asked him what you should do next, and after careful consideration, he suggests: cars, animals, trees, Bob the Builder, bushes and a bear. Oh and babies. :)

Persimmons Gal said...

I really love your new collage canvases. Your prints are fantastic and the collage just adds another element of interest.
I like your pieces that feature nature...leaves etc. Keep up the great work. If you haven't heard of this site it is a great way to get inspired...

jennifer e. said...

I really like the organic, nature-themed designs you do.

Perhaps you experiment more black or dark brown shapes and maybe with more negative space.

Sandra said...

i would like to see more ron paul in your art, thanks. :)

Dharma Designs said...

Beautiful ACEO! I'd like to see more portraits. :-)

Mae Jane said...

oooh this is exciting! i too have a raffle/contest ending on Friday on my blog as well hehe. and now I've stumbled onto yours and so far I'd say you need not change a thing, your work is magical and your blog suits it wonderfully :)

Jessica Torrant said...

I love your recent mixed media creations. The many layers of print and texture, depth of space - it's something you clearly excel at in your work and the mixed media medium seems to encourage that to even deeper levels.

Great idea for a contest!

Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

What a list and what a day.

I think I am going to have to take some time tomorrow to write some of this stuff down. along with numbering the responses here and in my other blogs.

Then I will pull a winner.

Good luck!

Cocoa Pod said...

I'm loving your work also! I especially love your collagerised prints! So whimsical, they are like my dreamland!

I would love you to keep doing your ACEOS, for people with a lower budget (*cough* me).

I would also love greeting cards, but I think you had them before and decided that they were not popular enough? To me it is awesome giving an original card, as it also works out as a gift once framed.

I'm no help at all, I know! I just want you to keep doing what you're doing.

DivaDea said...

I love all your colors and way you combine them. But I bet you could do some fabulous black and white/grayscale work. That's my idea :)