Friday, February 08, 2008


Mermaids - #18 Collage
Originally uploaded by m.Lee
Mermaids - detail

Mermaids - display

Mermaids - hanging

Mermaid Collage Repoduction Framed

I am so ridiculously proud of this piece that I am giddy. And I managed to do this with a teething baby. Basically every moment she gave me piece I would work on it a bit more. You can check out the time consuming process here.

You can fine the original in my mLee shop and the reproduction at mLeeRedux. The original is ready to hang, the reproduction is easy to hang.

Jon is sick and I ended up sleeping on the sofa last night because his congestion caused him to snore and that was keeping me up. I don't know how women sleep with husband's who snore! One night was bad enough. So I was on the couch with the dog. Despite this I got a decent rest because I brought my good pillow with me.

Time to wrap up blee for some soothing that beats a teething ring and a shot of baby Tylenol any day. Moby wrap time.

Happy Friday and have a good weekend. I probably won't be back until Monday but you never know. Don't forget that my contest ends tonight! Mail goes out early tomorrow morning for 1PM pickup.


Beth Robinson said...

You've got every right to be proud of it. It's beautiful.

Jodie Hurt said...

Breathe right strips do wonders for husbands who snore, even sick ones...wish I'd made mine start wearing them about oh, twelve years ago. :)

Lovely canvas! What kind of adhesive are you using when you work on the canvases?

neurasthenia said...

It's beautiful!

mizu designs said...

there's a surprise for you on my blog