Tuesday, February 19, 2008

daily themes

theme for the day - Day 1
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I've started doing these from cards that I wrote and put in an empty drawer. At night I shuffle them up and pick two. Then when I sit down to do some art I keep them in mind. We'll see how it goes. I didn't have much time for art yesterday so all I ended up from these suggestions was this simple sketch, but it was good to get back to my daily sketching.

Today I have:
Change Tools
Read a Page from the Closest Book
(that would be Eat, Shoots and Leaves

December is Magic

My birthday ended up better than I thought it would be when I woke up feeling horrible to bad weather early yesterday. Before I knew it the skies had cleared and it was a beautiful spring day for me. And since Jon had the day off we were able to enjoy it together with our daughter. And that is all I need.

We've been in Boston for five years now so I know winter is not over, but I do think it is safe for me to hope that we will have more good days than bad.

Now to show off some recently listed reproductions from my mLeeRedux. I'm working to keep both that and mLee fresh this week.

Stitched together - reproduction

Soft Coral - reproduction


Jessica Ziel said...

I'm glad your birthday turned out better than expected!

Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

Yeah me too! Of course. :)


stilettoheights said...

it makes me happy to know your day was better than you thought it would be.