Thursday, February 21, 2008

I'm Cold!

Sister Winter
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First off I would like to congratulate Stiletto Heights and say that it is an honor to call her a friend even though we have not yet met. You see she left New England for Columbus around the time I left Columbus for New England. And we didn't even meet online until two years ago when she signed up for Etsy and picked me as her mentor. Well, I guess I did a good job because look at her go! I'm so happy for her. Congratulations Jenn, you earned it.

Here in Boston the weather took a turn back toward winter and left me cold and longing for spring. Blee and I are missing our walks and I am missing the naps she would get during and often after them. Next week is supposed to be warmer and I hope that is true because I am terribly sick of winter at this point. Those bits of warm weather here and there while wonderful at the time leave me all antsy for the real thing.

I'm still getting work done and listing, but at a bit of a slower pace than usual. I also have some sketching to do.

Sorry I can't write a more involved post but I have to get to another task now. I never seem to have enough time lately.


stilettoheights said...

thank you Marissa!!!! I hope it warms up for you, it was 6 degrees here today so hopefully you will not get our weather

mizu designs said...

a belated happy birthday to you! i've been away seeing my sister and 2 tiny nephews so excuse my tardiness :)

Becca said...

ugh, i'm so over the coldness. I miss taking walks, too.
:) for you and miss blee. How are you feeling?

Marissa L. Swinghammer said...

You must be awfully cold during your many trips to the post office then!


I'm feeling much better and my birthday was good. I still have a bit of a runny nose and stuff but I FEEL fine. It is kind of frustrating.