Sunday, January 06, 2008

Seven Things

first of the year
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Starting with the first new work of the year. Well, kinda. The prints aren't knew, but what I did with them is. This is something that I have been thinking about trying for some time now and I finally got to it. Printed on Japanese mulberry and then carefully glued to lightweight single ply shina blocks. They are ready to hang with a wire in back. Well?

1) bleetastic day, play with Moby Wrap
2) blog
3) pack and send orders
4) doctor sans stroller
5) Flickr/ list/ email catchup
6) photograph studio (it's a secret)
7) art experimentation

1) wear blee as much as possible
2) experiment with monotypes
3) walk / exercise 3-4 times
4) list on etsy every day
5) spend more quality time with Jon
6) get the ball rolling JP babywearers meetup
7) finish The Omnivore's Dilemma

1) lose twenty pounds
2) twenty pieces (ACEOs included) every month
3) challenge myself as an artist and as a mom
4) read (and finish) six books* (sigh, this is such a low number for me I have really gotten out of the habit)
5) be aware of and work to manage my moods
6) participate in an exhibit
7) take a class/ workshop

* Oprah's bookclub isn't really my style and baby books read to blee don't count

tuckered out blee

Spring Fling

Etsy Homepage - Sat Jan 5th 2008

Here's some blee and some art for you. And I was on the homepage on Etsy Saturday night for about twenty minutes before my item sold. woot!

So, I did not print this weekend but that is alright. I ended up doing two spur of the moment carvings. Well, one was a sketch that I had been playing around with for months that I finally got out on wood. So no monotypes for me as planned. Jon is most likely going out on Tuesday night after we put blee down so that sounds like the perfect time for me to print. If I have the energy. If I don't it is okay for me to wait until Friday or the weekend.

Today was great in that we were able to visit a woman and try the two baby carriers that I am most interested. I loved them both, though I couldn't use the Ergo with her at all yet as she is too young. But I have a good feeling about that one in a couple of months. The Mei Tai was awesome! Plus she had the brand that I was leaning towards and that sealed it for me as soon as I got home I ordered it. With a yummy Klimpt inspired fabric in the center. It is custom made so I will have to wait about three weeks for it. I hate waiting but it is not like I am carrierless. The pouch is still awesome and will continue to be for awhile now. Really until spring most likely.

The seven things of the day have been a normal thing for me to do for a couple of weeks now. A weekly set sounds good too. And I have been working on one for the year as well. I consider that one to be a rough draft that I might add more specifics to later. I tried to not be too general as those tend to be harder to follow.


Shannon said...

I like your lists.. those are cool... do you mind if I do the same?

Lost In Wonder said...

Very cool list & prints.

stilettoheights said...

I love the new pieces!!

also your list and mine...very similar (except for the blee parts, I don't have a blee)


Ribbon Wand Maker said...

The new prints look beautiful! Good luck with all your plans for the new year!

m.Lee said...

Of course not Shannon! I didn't invent lists. :)

The walk went great. I ended up wearing her much of the day either in the pouch or the wrap. I am really longing for the structure of the mei tai since she is able to pull out the wrap a bit when looking around and the pouch is warm when we get inside.

Dr. T said...

Read poems to him. Blee will love it, and you will get to read some good stuff.