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So far so good with 2008. This year is going to be all about pushing myself further creatively. Breaking out of what is comfortable and playing with new materials and techniques. This started for me in December when I started getting into cut washi additions and is growing. I am hoping to play around with monotypes tomorrow but first I have a spur of the moment block to finish carving tonight. It is being difficult because the block is turning out to be all splintery during the clearing and I have to be really careful not to lose control of the blade. Normally shina is super easy to carve but sometimes it has weird spots. Oddly enough I had no problems with the other side. Adding to the problem I will most likely need to sand these areas so splinters don't get into the ink during printing.

I've gotten so into taking frequent process shots that I even made a new Flickr set to document them.

hmm... I have a bit of a problem. A growing and dangerous obsession actually. Babywearing. I loathe strollers. They are a pain to drag onto the T and so in the way, a nightmare in the snow and they just don't feel like me. I'm determined to walk to my doctors appointment on Monday wearing her strollerless (last time I went out I wore her and pushed the diaper bag in the stroller, much easier than having her in it) Early on I realized that I want to avoid using ours as often as possible. But I am no superwoman (at least not when it comes to strength) so I need carriers. The Baby Bjorn didn't last long due to blee's weight. It just isn't a comfortable carrier past 12 pounds. The ring sling I was given was great right after she was born but then she got fussy and didn't want anything to do with it or any other carrier. Plus, I really didn't know what the heck I was doing. The pouch (another handmedown gift) was interesting but the fleece was much too warm for late summer plus she got kind of lost in it. But by two months we were getting into it and now it is something I can't imagine being without I love it so much. But it won't last past winter for sure since what is so great about it now will render it useless when it warms up. Plus I want to be able to wear her on my back so I can get even more done while keeping her close to me. I have a Moby Wrap which I love when I can do a good wrap which is about half the time. But I am lazy and in a hurry most of the time and just stick her in the pouch. Back carry is doable in it but I don't feel skilled enough for that. So now I am trolling around this site trying to figure out what next. I spend way too much time going from site to site and getting more overwhelmed by the minute. I joined a mailing list and tomorrow am meeting up with a local babywearer to try two carriers that I am interested in. At first I scoffed at the women with their 10+ carriers but now I realize that I am quickly turning into one of those women!

This is why I have no money. At least they don't take up tons of space like all the strollers that some people seem to collect.

So, how is your year going?

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Anonymous said...

Marissa, I ldid a ton of babywearing when my kids were little (ring sling). But also found a Maclaren stroller very very useful for city life -- very lightweight, narrow enough to fit in store aisles, and you can collapse it with one hand for getting on trains or going upstairs. I have never liked other strollers, but did like that one.

Good luck!