Sunday, January 13, 2008

Golden Times

Peaceful Butterfly
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Jazzy Dragonfly

These two insect pieces are from the last few days of 2007. Still working on my first pieces of 2008, hit a bit of a lag this past week. This weekend wasn't productive at all artistically until the very end when I dragged out some pretty papers and a blade and got to cutting. Nothing big or complete but at least I can say I did something with my hands. Funny thing is that early last week inspiration hit me like a brick and I carved two blocks in about a day. Well, one block with two sides I should say if we are going to be technical. Went to bed wanting to print woke up and nothing but the desire to want to do it but I kept thinking about paper needing to be torn, the press needing to be reset and I just never got to it.

I'm hoping that my resolve to get stuff done will be better this week. But the truth is that during weekdays it is really hard for me to print because I can't really do it during the day while watching blee because I don't have that kind of time and I am usually to tired at night. And I can't let myself stay up late printing either. And printing is what I feel that I should be doing not starting new block or new project after project without completing them.

Maybe the bad weather that is coming with help get me making art again since I am not going to be going for long strolls around town with blee in the blizzard that is supposed to come tonight. And it takes days and days to dig out from these things. So a blizzard is a good thing? Tell me that when the dog needs to go out tomorrow afternoon.

blee in her bumbo

Blee says hello and hopes that everybody had as lovely a weekend as she did. She's been sleeping so well and has been so happy and easy lately these really are the golden times with her for us. She's fun to play with, she doesn't cry much at all and we don't even have to change many diapers. And she smiles and giggles all the time except when she is in her sling when she just snuggles in all comfy before falling asleep before I zip her up to protect her from a cool breeze or sudden rain. I've been able to wear all 17lbs of her for hours in comfort.

Maybe this is really it, why I am not feeling like printing or even scanning in work. I am just too in love with my baby right now to pull myself away from her that long.


Cathy said...

bLee looks so cute - and grown up! It seems like just yesterday that you had her!

Cicada Studio said...

We've got a Bumbo too! Bruno can barely squeeze his tush in it aleady!

Enjoy your snow day... we got rain and that's it.

m.Lee said...

I would rather have rain than snow. I'm over snow. Plus we need new breaks eeek. Not driving until it clears up and straight to get them taken care of when we do!

Becca said...

Awww, sweet mama love! Blee's a lucky girl!

I seriously love the butterfly block prints and will cry if it gets retired. :)

Camplin said...

I love butterflys, aka fliter flees. Great work as always, but I don't have to tell you that, although I like to.