Friday, January 11, 2008

smashy smashy?

Maeby Cockroaching
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Getting rid of a sofa. This is more complicated than it sounds.

For awhile now Jon and I have been debating switching our livingroom and bedrooms. It is sounding like a better and better idea. Except there is no way that our ratty old sofa is going to squeeze down our ridiculously narrow hall, much less make the sharp turn into what is currently our bedroom. To get it into the apartment the movers brought it in through the window. Standing on top of the van and pushing it in. Close to electrical wires. Yeah uhm, not doing that again. This thing needs to come out in pieces.

An axe maybe? smashy smashy?

The reason for the switch is the baby's nursery is right off the livingroom and she goes to bed before seven every night. Currently she is sleeping in our bedroom but sooner rather than later we would like her in there. If it was right off our bedroom that would be easier. And we could watch TV, have company or simply talk without worrying about waking her.

We would simply get a small and inexpensive sofa for the new livingroom as it is smaller. We'd probably end up wasting a lot less space in the end.

* dog not included despite how attached she seems to be

Winter Spirit - Original ACEO

Here's some art for you on this rainy day here in Boston. No long walks for me and blee except pacing around the apartment. At least I am getting more puttering done this way at the expense of getting fresh air.

Today is Friday so there is a good chance that I may print tonight. If I get more paper torn that is during the day. I'm already doing better since both me and blee got a riduculous amount of sleep last night. She was asleep by seven pm and didn't wake up until six am! As I went to bed at ten I had a good seven hours of sleep. Followed by a few more after that when she went down after a change and some food.

Hope everybody has a great Friday followed by a great weekend.


Cicada Studio said...

Sometimes it's just nice to change the dynamic of your living area,... apartments are great for that because the layout can almost be whatever you want!

Careful for springs! You don't want to bounce that axe in the opposite direction. :/

m.Lee said...

Good point! I think the only things we need to remove to get it out may be the armrests and possibly the legs. No dangerous springs flying out there I assume.

And it would be nice to change the dynamic without spending a fortune. and if we moved rooms eventually we could possibly get a king sized bed for her to crawl into with us! squeee! We tried co-sleeping for ONE night before giving up due to lack of space, especially with my engorged sore boobies.

Space Oddities said...

glad you got a good night's sleep! it's such a commodity for new mommies.

good luck with the new furniture/rearranging! hope getting the old sofa out isn't too much trouble.