Thursday, November 29, 2007

Well, my day is off to quite a start!

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This morning was garbage day and I realized that we had quite a bit more to take out so while blee was busy wiggling and chatting with the ceiling I rushes around gathering up garbage from every room. As I was getting the very full trash can from my studio Maeby rushed behind me and pushed against me causing me to lose my balance and fall backwards. Start onto the ottoman for the glider chair, hard! It cracked right down the center. I could have seriously hurt myself or worse it it had not broken my fall. And of course the dog is a bit too light in the brains department to know that she has done wrong. I don't know what to do about her. She is not a violent animal at all but she can be so high strung and impossible to control. And needy as all get out. And it is not getting any better. And when she is needy her size makes her very difficult. We love her but for the past few months we are pretty much always ticked off or annoyed with her about something!

Now about two months ago we decided that it would be a good idea to treat ourselves to having a housekeeper come in every two weeks. She came in the first job and did an incredible job. Really got the place in shape. But out of the five times she has supposed to come she has been here twice. She has left me hanging twice and if she doesn't show up in a half hour it looks like she will be doing it again, two times in a row. The first time she had a very good excuse, last time not so much and this time even less. I really want to fire her at this point but finding a replacement is difficult especially now since we are both crazy busy. Of course now with us being crazy busy is a great time to have reliable help. Every contact we were given through friends never got back to us. And we do not want to go with a service. She does a really good job, I just wish she would uhm show up! She doesn't even let me know ahead of time if she can't make it.

My arty update is these ornaments that I made last night. What fun! I still need to drill holes and string ribbons through the two but I am very pleased with my first attempt to make ornaments since gradeschool. These are significantly better than my play-doh ornaments. I have the first one up in my shop.

back from a walk

Yesterday was beautiful and we had a nice walk to the doctor and then stopped by this cute casual French place and she napped while I ate their Nutella and strawberry stuffed crepes. Their crepes are awesome! We have quite a few nice little places in our area within walking distance, especially in good weather. Today is much colder.


stilettoheights said...

1- those ornaments are fabulous!
2- BE CAREFUL, omg that is so scary!!
3- that an Arrested Development reference?

Ellen Shipley said...

Can't wait for my ornament to arrive. 8-] I'm a real sucker for xmas junque.


Nutsy Coco said...

I love the ornaments! Very cute and colorful.

m.Lee said...

Jenn we are both AD junkies. Got each season on DVD as soon as they came out. My favorite is season two, I think I have watched many episodes a dozen times.